Organizing A Christmas Party At Home


holidays & entertaining-home informationHaving a Christmas party at home is a great way to celebrate with the family in a comfortable surrounding

Creating a fun and fabulous Christmas party at home does not have to be difficult or expensive. With the current economic outlook, many are considering using their homes for their annual holiday party instead of renting another space. Open your home this holiday season to celebrate with friends and family in classic style.

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Entertaining at home does have certain advantages. People will be more relaxed in your home than they would be in many other places. Using your own home perfectly blends with the trend toward more informal entertainment. Even better, you will not have to worry about hauling food, decorations, or other things to a rental facility. When the evening is over, if you do not feel like cleaning up the mess, you can simply go on to bed and deal with it in the morning, rather than having to clean the rental and get out of there.

home information-christmas-home improvement ideas

When you decide to entertain at home this Christmas;

The first thing you will want to organize is the guest list. How many people are you comfortable entertaining at home? Remember that unless you want a formal sit-down dinner, it does not matter how many people your dining room seats. By serving finger food, you can have people in various areas of the home eating off of small plates in their laps. But do keep in mind the limitations of parking and bathroom facilities in your home.

Second, create an inviting atmosphere in your home. If you have some chilly areas in the home, be sure to plug in some electric heaters to make your home cosy and comfortable. Make sure that the electric heaters are properly adjusted throughout the evening as people arrive. The only thing worse than a party that is cold and chilly is one that is too hot and stuffy. Decorate as you usually do for the holidays, keeping in mind that you will have company. If children are included, remember to put glass items and the electric heaters in safe places to avoid burns or breakage.

Third, consider the food and drinks. Hot drinks are always welcome on chilly days, but many younger people prefer sodas. You could serve several different soups, some finger sandwiches, and a tray of holiday cookies for simpler fare that is very filling and tasty. Many people expect a party in your home to be a bit more informal, so you can relax and enjoy the evening by preparing simple foods that need little preparation during the party.

home information-christmas-home improvement ideas

Plan on spending the day before the party cleaning your house and shopping for food items. Anything that can be prepared the day before should be done then to minimize stress on the day of the party. The day of the Christmas party, do any last minute cleaning and food preparation. Set out extra chairs and line your living room with your dining room chairs, allowing the dining room table to be the serving area. Liven up the table with a colorful cloth and begin heating the house so that it is at a comfortable temperature.

Thirty minutes before the party, get dressed and wash the last few dishes, so no guests will catch a glimpse of your messy kitchen. By thinking ahead and being organized, a Christmas party at home can be an enjoyable time for both the guests and the host family.

By: Jamie Simpson

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