Frenquetly Asked Questions

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Frenquetly Asked Questions Page

This page was created to hopefully answer common questions that we receive over and over again in our comments sections. If your question is not answered here please fill out the form below and ask away. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.

1. Is the theme that you use custom? No. The theme that we use is a free WordPress theme called, “ BomBax“. It is available through your WordPress desktop. (Update: August 2013; We just changed our wordpress theme to “Weaver2“. This new theme is much more customizable.)

2.   Is your website custom made by a professional? Again the answer is no. Tom does have a 2 year certificate in Graphic Arts from a technical school so he does all of the layouts and artwork himself. Most of the time he just uses Microsoft PowerPoint to layout the artwork, then he captures the artwork with Printkey 2000 capture tool and uploads it to the media file in WordPress. Neither of us knows much at all about writing code so we cheat as much as possible.

3.  How long have you been running websites? We started are web business in November 2011. We got this website up and running in January 2011. We had no prior experience of any type of blogging or web business before this point. We have just winged it and learnt along the way.

4.   Where did you come up with the website idea? We have always been home bodies and we love doing DIY home renovations. Tom runs his own Home Renovation business so he has had a lot of experience working with hundreds of clients over the last 7 years. We try to share the experiences we have had along with the expertise of as many other formidable people we can get to share their experiences also. Tom came up with the idea for the website because he loves to share information with people.

5.  How did you create your website design? The design of Home Information has evolved many times since we started the site. Originally it did not have much character or color at all. We both take a lot of time studying other websites. We first decided that we wanted to offer as much information, videos and related products about each subject as possible. Most of the websites that we looked at were more “Cronigal bloggish” in style and we wanted more of an information based website were people could learn information about their homes and if be, buy products to help them accomplish the task at had.

6.    Where do you get the additional articles besides the ones you write yourself? We have a few different resources for articles that we post on our website. We have about 4 authors that contribute to us on a regular basis. We also have a few friends that like to share their information. Also, because of Tom’s business connections, he encourages other contractors he knows to share their knowledge through our website. We do also use a few different article suppliers when we are in a pinch and need to get something new posted.

7.    How does your website make money? We make money in numerous different ways. First as you can see on all of our pages and post, we use Google Adsense. We run quite a few of our own ads also for different e-books and programs that we support. Next, we sell home, garden and cooking products through our Amazon connections. Also, Tom has just finished a e-book in April 2013 that will be available for purchase Sometime in the early summer of 2013. (Update: August 2013; we did just start to use PPC ads also from, which is the same concept as Google Adsense, but for Bing & Yahoo.)

8.   Do you do any partnerships with other website owners?  We have talked with many different website owners about the possibility of some combined efforts, partnerships, and different projects but as of right now nothing currently is in the works. We would love to get together with someone to bring readers a DIY experience that would help them transform their homes in a new fashion that is not currently available.

If you still have a question for us that is not answered above, please click on this link, ASK US A QUSESTION. Enter your question and press the submite button. We will get back with you as soon as possible.

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