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Think outside of the box when decorating your dorm room; Here are some big solutions for tiny dorm room spaces

Decorating a dorm room is often a challenge, due to the fact that they are notoriously small spaces. However, by maximizing the storage in the room, you can make the most of your small dorm room. Extra storage space will also help to solve clutter issues, another common dorm room problem. If you or someone in your family will be going off to college soon, here are some big solutions to the dilemma of tiny dorm room space.

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home information-dorm room-home improvement ideas Double-Duty Furniture Pieces
When faced with decorating a small space, like a dorm room,  multipurpose furniture pieces are a great option. Look for furniture that provides hidden storage, such as an ottoman with a removable top, stands and end tables that include drawers, and beds that have drawers underneath. These items will provide much-needed storage space, in addition to reducing visual clutter.



home information-dorm room-home improvement ideas Maximizing Shelf Space
Shelves are also an important feature when decorating a dorm space. When given a choice, always select a full-height bookcase instead of a shorter one, since you’ll get added storage space without sacrificing additional floor space. If you are allowed to install wall shelves in your dorm, this can also be a great solution as. Shelves and bookcases are easy on your budget, especially if you look for units that you can assemble yourself. Or, try creating your own unique cubicle storage space by stacking plastic milk crates on their side. You can tie them together to give your storage unit a bit more stability if necessary.



home information-dorm room-home improvement ideas Make the Most of Your Desk Space
The desk is a very important feature in a dorm room, since it will be used for homework and studying. Find a desk that is large enough to accommodate your computer and any books you will be using, in addition to providing enough writing space. You’ll be using your desk a lot, so splurge on a larger desk even if you don’t have a lot of space in the dorm room. Or, look for a loft bed which provides desk space underneath. A shelf unit or peg board hung on the wall behind the desk can also be a great way to provide easy storage for smaller items. Using a floor lamp instead of a table lamp on the desk will also help provide you with more usable desk surface space.

home information-dorm room-home improvement ideas Choosing the Perfect Bed
Loft beds are a classic choice for dorm rooms. These beds are designed to allow you to maximize the space under the bed for other uses. A standard bed which includes drawers underneath is also a good choice. A good quality futon can also be a good choice. However, when choosing a futon, always pay attention to the quality of the mattress and the sturdiness of the construction. If you plan to sleep on a futon every night, it’s imperative that it provides proper support and comfort. Whichever bed you choose for your dorm room, you’ll probably end up using it for reading, studying, and watching television, in addition to sleeping, so choose a sturdy bed that is up to the task. home information-dorm room-home improvement ideas

Decorating a dorm room is often a challenge, due to the fact that they are notoriously small spaces However, by maximizing the storage in the room, you can make the most of your small dorm room

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