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decorating & furnishings-home informationMoney should not be the main focus when it is time to decorate an aging decor

Do you want to dress up your room but didn’t just win the lottery? Well here are 8 ways to add some fresh life to any room and make it look like a million bucks.

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Using these techniques you can completely decorate a room for less then $500. Even if you do not have $500, use just a few of these tips and your room change will be remarkable. Buy shopping smart and using some creativity you will be able to create amazingly designed rooms. Try to get inspired through looking at some decorating books, magazines, or at finished rooms that you find online. By implementing just a few of the simple ideas you find here with the designs that you find, you will have something very special.

home information-re-decorate-home improvement ideas#1 Lamps:

With all of the discount stores like, Home Goods & Marshals, along with online stores like Amazon & many others, High end looking lamps are cheaper then ever.


re-decorate your home#2 Decorative Pillows:

Pillows can add a splash of fun, color, and excitement to a otherwise boring piece of furniture. This is an area to really have fun with. Your pillows do not have to completely match each other. Bring in colors you like. Designs very widely with all sorts of decorative elements included. This can also be change out easily later if you get tired of them.


furniture#3 Furniture Makeover:

If you have older wood furniture that is beat up consider a makeover with new stain or paint. This is much easier that you may think. Spray paint works great on wood furniture. Make sure to do this outside. For your chairs, couches, and other larger items buy or make some furniture covers. Just a little bit of money spend here can make a huge difference it the appearance of the room.


re-decorate your home#4 Furniture Makeover:

Dress up your floors. Large or small, area rugs offer a change to dress up a space most people forget about, the floor. If possible place a large area rug in the middle of the room to draw you eyes away from the other things that may not look so nice.


home information-re-decorate-home improvement ideas#5 Furniture Makeover:

There are so many choices now for window from curtains, sheers, window blinds, and cornice boards. Do a little research on line and look at all of the different styles of creative solutions for finishing a window. Then go to your local discount store and see what you can put together with different combinations of the available items.


re-decorate your home#6 Decorative Trim:

Crown trim, Fancy Baseboard trim, Chair rail trim, Shadow box trim. All of these styles of trim can add a lot of decorative style to any room and are not expensive or hard to install. Look at most high end homes and they use lots of decorative trim elements.


home information-re-decorate-home improvement ideas#7 Shelving:

By adding shelving, you are doing numerous things at once. First you have more organized storage, also by using decorative shelves on a wall; they can add a lot of style. Both ways can lead to less clutter and a dressed up space.


re-decorate your home#8 Paint:

The number one thing to change any space is to change the color of the walls and/or the ceiling. If painting the walls is to much work, try just to add some drama to the space by painting the ceiling a few shades darker then the walls. Use paint to change the mood of the room. Deferring colors can add a lot of excitement or relaxation to a space depending on the colors you choose.

None of these suggestions are hard to implement or need to be expensive. With a little imagination, some research, and a little time and work you can decorate any room and have an expensive looking space for $500 or less.

Decorate today and make your home more the way you want it to feel to help bring more peace and tranquility to your life.

By: Tom Corliss

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