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windows, doors, & trim work-home information guruUpdated door hardware can bring new life to a tired door

When getting ready to sell a home there are a lot of little things that can be done that have a big impact on a visitor’s first impression of the home.

For example, updating front door hardware can give the home a fresh look. Installing updated hinges and doorknobs is a good start, and adding a new doorknocker and kick plate to the front door really helps to dress up the entire exterior. Changing the door hardware on a home’s doors has a very profound effect on the home’s appearance, and this is a simple and inexpensive way to update the look of a home whether the homeowner is planning to sell the home or just update it for their own enjoyment.

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Changing Appearancehome information-door hardware-home improvement ideas

Changing the door hardware on the doors of a home can totally change the appearance of the home. If the home has very plain doorknobs, select something more interesting to install when updating the door hardware. For example adding shiny, brass doorknobs in the place of dull and ordinary knobs is an excellent way to really improve the overall look inside the home. Dress up the front door with a shiny new brass doorknocker, and it will give the home a whole new level of curb appeal. Making this type of change to a home is very inexpensive, and replacing outdated door hardware is a great way to make a home look newer and fresher. home information-door hardware-home improvement ideas

Ramp Up Curb Appeal with a New Doorknocker

For a home that does not have a door knocker, it might be a good idea to add one. Making this change is very cost effective, and adding a doorknocker to a front door dresses it up a little bit. Select a doorknocker that will really stand out and look special on the front door. For example, polished brass looks wonderful on a dark colored door, like blue, red, green or black. Then adding hinges and a knob in polished brass to match the new doorknocker makes a striking design statement that adds instant curb appeal to the home.

Impression of Maintenance

Replacing old door hardware with new hardware on a home’s doors makes the home appear well maintained. By keeping the look of the doors up to date, and by having all of the doors work well and latch properly, the entire home feels like it is in good repair. When a house looks to be in good repair, it is only natural to assume that everything about the house is being properly maintained, and this impression is very valuable, especially when selling a home.

Bring It Inside

Don’t overlook upgrading the look of interior doors. Replace the hardware on these doors to continue the updated look inside the home. Adding updated hardware to interior doors keeps rooms looking fresh and stylish, and gives the impression that the entire house is well maintained. It is also a pleasure to open and doors that work properly, so by updating hinges and latches, doors open and close properly, which is a welcoming feature whether you are selling your home or not.home information-door hardware-home improvement ideas

When getting ready to sell a home there are a lot of little things that can be done that have a big impact on a visitor’s first impression of the home For example, updating front door hardware can give the home a fresh look

Jessica Ackerman of WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, is an interior designer who illustrates how simple it can be to use decorative rooster kitchen art and kitchen wine metal wall art.

By: Jessica Ackerman

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