Home Maintenance Projects That Are Often Forgotten


home maintenance & repairs-home information guruTimely home maintenance is key to keeping your home value up

Homeowners may feel like there is a never-endinghome maintenance battle of home improvement and maintenance projects that need to be done.

Many things need to be done seasonally or annually, so while it may feel like you have gotten a jump on your home maintenance, plenty more are waiting just around the corner. Tasks that need to be done over and over may never feel as if they have gotten done. In addition to all of the maintenance projects you remember to do each year, there are several that often go undone until the lack of attention leads to a problem. If you are concerned that there are projects and maintenance in your home going undone and you have no idea where to focus, you should make a list of the popular chores that often go unnoticed. This way, you will have a checklist of items that would otherwise be forgotten.

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 One of the things that should be included on this list is attention to your HVAC system. Duct cleaning will save you a lot of time and headaches if done on the fairly regular basis. Many homeowners overlook the system because it is not something seen on the regular basis. However, keeping it clean makes a big difference in your quality of life in your home.

home maintenance Another thing that is often overlooked is carpet and upholstery cleaning. While you may vacuum your carpets once a week or more often, you may neglect to go further and do an in-depth cleaning. Likewise, your vacuuming efforts may stop on the floor and you may not clean the curtains or furniture. Just as you do not want dust and debris building up on your carpet, you do not want it accumulating on other material surfaces in your home. Furthermore, you may have to go further than just a surface vacuum. Make sure you do deep cleanings of all the materials in your home a few times each year.


home maintenance A safety feature in most homes is a smoke detector. Most families even know to put them on each floor and near appliances that are commonly considered fire hazards. As helpful as they are, there is an additional alert system you can install that will alert you to a problem that could be even more hazardous than fires. Smoke has a scent and you are able to see it and feel it. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that has no smell or color, so it can be in your home without your even realizing it. Installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home may not only save your life, it will allow you to live in the house without worrying.

One of the most often overlooked parts of a home is the attic. You may spend time up there putting away or gathering holiday decorations, but aside from that, you may never even see your attic. Even if you do not spend time in the area, you need to make sure it is properly insulated. Make sure heat is not escaping through the uppermost level of your home.

home maintenance Finally, deal with pest control before it becomes a problem. A lot of people assume if they see no bugs, they have no problem. This may not be the case and in some instances, it may take years before bug damage becomes evident. Speak with a professional pest control company to ensure your home is bug free.

Homeowners may feel like there is a never-ending battle of home improvement and maintenance projects that need to be done Many things need to be done seasonally or annually, so while it may feel like you have gotten a jump on many home projects, plenty more are waiting just around the corner

Ellie Lewis recently contacted a Louisville HVAC specialist to fix a problem in her office building. She scheduled a Louisville duct cleaning specialist to clean her duct work.

By: Ellie Lewis

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