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Having your own home office is very important to be able to work efficiently and to be able to run away from your house’s distractions.How to Feng Shui Your Home Office Bear in mind that while it is good to work from home, it is also a curse, as you will be tempted to stop your work and to do something more entertaining. To better channel energies to help you focus more, you will need to look into what Feng Shui has to offer.

Have Your Home Office Far From the Bedroom
As it is said, you should never mix pleasure and business, and this rules applies even in Feng Shui. Make sure that your office is as far from the bedroom as possible, so that you do not get negative energies flowing to your office. Moreover, if it is possible, make sure that your office has a separate entrance as well, as it will allow for more positive energy to enter your work space.

Keep Clutter Away
Nothing is worse than having to deal with garbage and clutter in your office,How to Feng Shui Your Home Office and unless you learn how to be better at organizing, you will have a hard time working efficiently. Developing a good sense for clearing clutter is not only important for Feng Shui, but also because if you have business guests over, it will give off a bad picture.

The Color in the Office Matters
Not only the wall color matters in good Feng Shui, but also the décor items as well, because they will play a key role in how energy is channeled. Moreover, by creating a colorful path for the energy, you can shift it in just the right way so that you can harness most of its benefits. Though, it is best not to go overboard with the colour schemes, as some combinations can be bad for your eyes, and will look poorly with your overall home’s design.

Be Careful With Furniture
The internal décor and furniture choice will be crucial, because depending on the material you use and the overall colour will determine if you have good energy flow or not. On the flip side, you need to think about your health in the office work space as well, and unless you have good ergonomic chairs to use, you might run a chance to develop some kind of back problems to deal with. Though, be sure to choose something with wood in it, as it will be a great element that helps make your business flourish.

Choose Lights Carefully
It would be best if you could let in as much as possible natural sunlight, How to Feng Shui Your Home Officebut if it is not doable, then you will have to invest in good lighting. Be sure to pick something that is green and will not harm the environment too much, because it will give off a more natural light as well. Do, try to avoid leaving any dark spots, as it will concentrate negative energies, and you do not want that to lurk in your office.

Do not just decorate your office willy-nilly because then you will be drawing in a lot of negativity and it could influence your work ethics. Your office represents your business, and it is more than just a place where you conduct work. Moreover, be careful when introducing new items or fixtures as they need to be acceptable by Feng Shui if you want to make a positive flow of energy possible, to boost your business, and to help you and your work evolve and become better. Feng Shui is more than just a philosophy, it is a life-choice that will help you achieve success and prosperity.

By: Diana Smith

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