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Small yards should be planned with greater respect than those with large areas. However, the principle of planning and designing a small yard is similar to planning a big one. Particular attention should be paid to how you want to use the garden, which is the sunny part of the courtyard, what kind of decorative elements you want and so on.

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In addition to the above, do not forget to choose the style in which you intend to fashion the yard: modern, classic, rustic, shabby chic, vintage, French, formal, informal, tropical, etc. small yard landscaping ideasEvery little garden should have a central point that can be a stone wall fountain, a seating area, flowerbeds and the like. Small courtyards are limited with space, so it is necessary to take advantage of some places that would otherwise be forgotten. One such place is the roof of the garage or where flower pots can be placed. It is necessary to be careful what plants you’re going to plant because they shouldn’t require a lot of care and that the pots are heavy enough so that the wind wouldn’t knock them down. This area must be considered as part of the yard in order to be fit into the overall design.

Make it practical
If your yard is narrow and basically serves as a corridor to your door, it is necessary to make it practical and attractive. small yard landscaping ideas 2For courtyards such as these it’s best to choose plants that do not grow in width and that smell nice. The scent of these plants will be more intense in a small, intimate space of your small garden. In these types of courtyards select natural materials for garden paths. The gravel, which can be used to cover the entire yard, will allow plants to grow uninterrupted, prevent the spreading of weeds and mud build-up. The path itself can be made from old bricks or granite blocks, depending on what style you want.

In a quick and cheap way, you can turn small space between buildings or low balcony concrete slab into a comfortable and quiet place to rest. Intimacy can be created with high wicker panels, wooden boards or decking floors and plant pots. For an informal look, use the pots with different appearances, materials and sizes. In the end, you can place an outdoor deck-chair where you will enjoy.

Solution for narrow yards
We are often faced with two problems. small yard landscaping ideas 3The first is a small, narrow courtyard and the other is the slope of the yard. Still, these yards are perfect for a classic design, where you can apply symmetry and proportion. Divide the yard into two or three terraces depending on the inclination. Use the stones and play with colors and textures. Pay special attention to detail, for example, the water that’s flowing from the stone lion’s head, antique pots, etc. At the central point of the yard set garden furniture or simple table with chairs.

You can make a modern garden out of your small yards as well. Make clear distinction between different parts of the yard. If you have a lawn you need to maintain it regularly and carefully. Create a garden path out of light stone or concrete. Set a background for such a garden in the form of high and slender trees, for example birch. Birches are not only decorative with their white bark, but they will produce oxygen and cast a nice shade during hot summer days. You can enclose yards in this style with wooden panels or stone, but some modern materials will fit as well. small yard landscaping ideas 4Do not forget to place garden furniture, which, like the garden, should be in fashionable colors.

Although it seems impossible at the first glance, you can make a green oasis from a small yard where there is plenty of room for family gatherings and socializing with friends. When planning a new yard design, you should first determine a place to sit and rest with careful analysis of the area and considering the needs of the household. The remaining part of the yard should be dedicated for plants, but do not treat it as a big yard. Vines and other evergreen plants are more appropriate for small yards. Lack of horizontal greenery can successfully be compensated with vertical greenery. As you can see everything in your small yard with just one look, it is important to fit every detail in a harmonious whole.

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