Children’s Bedrooms: How to Choose the Best Colour?



Children’s bedrooms are great places to play. Not only with toys and dolls, but with furniture and colours, also. However, your opinion and colour preference can differ from theirs, so you should always pay attention not to disturb their emotions. But, the problem with children’s colour preference is that they can change their favorite colour almost as they change their socks, so one day they love magenta and the other blue. This allows you to have dominance and have the final say on the matter. Try to combine your child’s personality and ask for their opinion on the paint colour, and take some of the following pieces of advice.

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If your child is active, optimistic and cheerful, then the best colour for its bedroom is red. This is maybe one of the biggest experiments you can perform. It can go either complete wrong, or be a bulls-eye. If the colour is too bright, it can turn out pretty much scary and too overwhelming for your little one. But, a darker nuance in a combination with bedding and fabrics can be the warmest and welcoming room colour you can find. You can paint one wall red and the other three white and add a touch or red accessories around the room, as well as put red and white sheets on the bed, so as to make it all work together.bedroom colour for kids

Even though pink may seem too classical for a girl’s room, so people tend to avoid it because it is a cliché, it need not be so. Pink is the best colour for a young girl, ranging from all shades of pink on the walls, furniture and wall art, over to pops of colour and neutral flooring. In a pink room, every girl can feel like a princess, which they usually believe they are.bright bedroom colour

If your child is optimistic and an extrovert, then the right colour for its bedroom is orange. Orange is a great colour for rebels-to-be, that is teenagers or kids getting older but are not really teens yet. This colour can be fun and what is best, it can work both for boys and girls – so if your son and daughter happen to share their room, the safest choice for the paint will be – orange. In a combination with soft blue or green, orange will stay out of the too-bold-a-colour prejudice and look lively and bedroom colour

Soft colours
The last piece of advice is to consider painting the room in soft colours. Why not give white a chance and save vibrant colours for art, bed and toys? This is probably the safest choice, because as your kids grow up, their favorite colour will change and it will be cheaper to change the colour of their sheets and wall art than painting the entire room all over again. White and soft colours also give you the chance to express your creativity and artistic soul, so this may be the best option for you and your children. Especially while they are babies, soft colours will help them soothe and sleep better.

Colour combo
If you are not up for monochromatic rooms, and rather have an artistic aspirations, you can combine colours and make the most perfect kids’ bedroom. Take inspiration from Paint Online and use a nautical theme for your boys’ bedroom – combine white dove, leisure green and polo blue and set your sail in their bedroom. If your girl wants to say goodbye to girly pink and purple, paint her room with a combination of blue dragon, gypsy love and Acadia white, which will balance the setting and brighten the space. If you think a more neutral style will be better for your children’s bedroom, choose a colour palette which is appealing to both boys and girls, such as bronzed beige, Newburyport blue and floral white, which will stay in style even when they grow up. This combination may be the safest there bedroom colour

And finally, do not forget that this is not your bedroom – it is your children’s, and they are the ones who will spend time in that space, not you. And let us know your opinion – if your kid liked the colour you picked together, and you can even show us pictures in the comments below.

By: Diana Smith

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