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Having a organized home is easier then you think

Although everyone has their own lifestyle and tastes vary from person to person, we can pretty much agree that nobody likes their house to be messy. But no matter how hard you try to be tidy and avoid it, we’ve all been in a situation when clutter just seems to pile up once in a while. Seeing our beloved home ruined like it was struck with an A-bomb as a collateral damage of every party is a truly dissatisfying sight. Living with clutter-free, bare-bones survival-kit, or hiring a maid might be solution, be we don’t really have to go that far. Developing some useful habits and applying practical solutions in everyday life can make wonders for your home and make it a happier place to live in.

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Make junk-hunt a full time commitment
Don’t wait for the spring to unleash tons of garbage cluttered homeupon the waste container. Release your home from unnecessary things whenever you can and try not to be sentimental while you do it. Remember those old magazines you are keeping because they might prove valuable in some time for some reason? You probably haven’t probably touched them for years now, throw them in the trash. Before buying new clothes, make a thorough investigation of what you already have and throw out or donate to charity outdated and worn-out stuff you don’t need. And don’t leave your house without taking some trash out. Dedicating each day of the week to a single chore will save you much effort and make your life easier.

Create and organize necessary storage
Most of the homes tend to get cluttered because there simply isn’t enough space for all the things you accumulate through the years. Find a way to maximize your available space. Here are some ideas how:

1. Using drawer dividers, cubical storage shelving and CD boxes instead of large CD racks.

2. If you examine your closets carefully you will notice there’s a lot of unused space which can be transformed with hanging shelving units.

3. Hang as many clothes as you can.

4. Organize your clothes by seasons, and store the off-season off the sight.

5. Choose an ottoman or sofa with built-in storage function.

6. Use cable organizers.

There are other great examples but sometimes all the simple tricks just don’t work anymore so you have to think on a greater scale. If your demand for space simply isn’t being satisfied, think about expanding it. If you need extra space, consider shipping containers as great alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar structures.

Have fixed place four your stuff
Unless you are living in an outrageously big place, navigating through your house to put the things to their former placeAttic-5 shouldn’t be too much of a chore. After you organize your home neatly, try to be consistent as much as you can and stick with the plan. Don’t make excuses. Human beings are perfectly capable of multitasking, so watching a TV show shouldn’t prevent you from returning the book you were just reading to a nearby book shelf. Making these small moves will help you a lot, and prevent clutter from piling-up.

People used to say that how you dress is who you are, but the same thing applies to your home. Instead of making an impression of a sloppy and ill-organized person, why not make some effort and improve your organizing skills and add a little bit of work ethic to make your home shine? Eventually, it will become a pleasant and rewarding experience. If you just listen to the wisdom of Marry Poppins you will see that you can still find a lot of fun in every job that must be done.

By: John Stone

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