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Use a pallet to add something different to your garden

To all of you garden lovers this blog will give a great idea on how to use pallets to make your garden look absolutely amazing. Plus, if you are DIY guy, you’ll be more than excited to follow through with this project.

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Here’s a detailed description you can use to fix up your garden and enjoy it pallet decorating

1. Find a Pallet
Naturally, the first thing to do is find a pallet. If you are lucky enough you can find them behind supermarkets, in dumpsters. Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell… bad. The key to making a really nice looking garden element is not to take the first thing you find. You need one with all the boards in good condition, no rotting, no nails sticking out, etc. Also, look for those that haven’t been damaged by rain or the dump of the dumpsters.

2. Gather Your Supplies
For this project to work out just the way it should, the first thing you need is the pallet you’ve already chosen. Second, provide 2 large bags of potting soil and 16 six packs of annual flowers. You will also need a staple gun, a small roll of landscape fabric, staples, and sand pallet decorating

3. Shape it Up
Give your pallet a once over once you’ve dragged it home. Check if all parts are tightened up, make sure no boards are loose, that there are no nails sticking out, etc. Nail down the loose boards first and then smooth down any rough spots with sand paper.

4. Staple it up!
Before you do any stapling, the first thing to do is decide which side of the pallet will be the bottom when the pallet garden is done. You are going to be covering the bottom, back, and sides with Landscape fabric should be used for covering of the back, bottom and sides. The spaces between the slats and the top should remain uncovered (The uncovered spaces are for planting flowers).garden pallet decorating

After you’ve laid the pallet face down, you should roll the landscape fabric over the back. To make sure you’ll have enough material to cover the top edge of the back of the pallet and wrap all the way around the bottom, cut two identically sized pieces that fit the measurements. It’s always good to leave a few extra inches.

The two pieces of landscape fabric should be held together as if they were one piece of fabric. Fold over the top edge by one inch and center it on the top board of the back of the pallet.

The space near the top edge of the top board should have the fabric stapled into. Then, after smoothing out the fabric to both left and right, pull it taut. Make sure you staple the fabric down on the top, right edge of the top board. Repeat the same drill on the left side.

Repeat the process along the bottom edge of the bottom board. Leave a long flap on the bottom, not folding the fabric under.

5. Variety of Pallets
This whole thing can be done with plastic pallets, too. You’ll need a different approach to “dressing it up” but the drill is pretty much the same. You just need to cut the plastic pallets up the way you want them to look once you pot plants in them and you are ready to go.

6. Caring For your Pallet
To avoid any damage befalling your wonderfully made pallet, leave it flat on the ground for a couple of weeks (watering when needed). This way, the roots can start to grow in and hold all the plants in place. Leaving it to settle and only tipping it upright after a few weeks is the best thing to pallet decorating

Since they dry out quickly make sure you water your pallet regularly. The bottom two openings seem to be the driest, so pay special attention to that part. Fertilize with water soluble fertilizer added to your watering can.

Preparing your garden for the upcoming season may be a difficult thing to do but if you’ve got the right approach to the whole thing and useful tips (like the ones we provided in the paragraphs up), you’ll have the garden of your dreams!

By: Diana Smith

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