Tips On Where To Keep Washing Machine In House

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Buying a washing machine is fine but you should also have a clear idea as to where to place it.

As is the case with other home appliances your washing machine also needs a dedicated place. So, in this article we will try and answer the question where to keep washing machine. To begin with it is always better to place your washing machine near the bathroom of your house. The reason is quite obvious. It is easier to drain the water and avoid creating water puddles inside the house. It is important to choose the right water outlet even if it is placed near the bathroom. The next important point is to ensure that it is placed in a location where there is continuous and uninterrupted source of water. If you can allow the luxury of having an inlet for hot water that can be connected to your washing machine, then it is all the more better. 

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The next important point is to ensure that the place where the washing machine is located has an electric socket which can be used to connect the machine. keep washing machineIt is always better to look for a 20A socket and it would be even better if you can have a fuse facility. These are the few important points to be considered when you are planning to place the washing machine in the “right place”.

Apart from the above, there are a few more important points that should be taken into account when going in for washing machines. It is quite common to see many of us keeping the washing machine on a higher platform. This is not a bad idea because it allows free flow of water from the hosepipe of the washing machine to the water outlet source in the bathroom. If this is not done, water might get stagnated in the hosepipe and it could come back into the washing machine and create all sorts of problems.

You should also take care to ensure that the exteriors of the washing machine are kept away from tap water. This would lead to corrosion and damage to the exteriors over a period of time. Many of us place the washing machine in the balcony of home. This is better avoided because exposing the washing machine to the elements of nature could create lot of problem, leading to corrosion, peeling of the paints and also damage to the highly sensitive electronic gadgets and control panels.

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