Secrets to a Great Home Office


home offices-home informationWork smarter at home with these secrets to a great home office

With so many people working from home now and many more that will be in the future it is important to have a home office that is private enough to get work done, energetic enough to inspire you, and functional enough to fulfill all your needs.home office-home improvement ideas

We will look the basics of these 3 elements to help you set up an home office space that works great for you.


First you have to determine if you will be having clients over or this is merely a work space for you. If clients will be visiting your home office, it is important to have privacy. You do not want your clients distracted by your personal style in your home. Keep your home office style modern and appealing with stylish furniture. Do not have any furniture that does not serve multiple functions. Do not have clutter. With wireless routers for computer systems you can set up almost anywhere. Basement rooms, garage rooms, or disconnected spaces from the main house work best for clients. If it is just you, then a spare bedroom can work fine.  Remember many different items we use today in an home office require electrical connection, phone connections and internet connections. It is always nice if you have a space separated from rest of the home that you can shut the door and not be distracted.

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Part of good function is related to having the right equipment; with computers advancing so much over the last few years it does not cost much to get a laptop or a desktop computer that can do everything that is needed. If you can get away with a laptop computer this is recommended because of space savings. It would also be advised to get a all in one, printer, fax machine, copier, scanner. Next on the list are a work space (desk) and a very comfortable chair. If either of these is not right your productivity will suffer. I have had many uncomfortable chairs and I always end up with a back pain. If possible get a chair that has wheels for easy movement. Also use a hard plastic floor mat under the chair. It is always better to not have any unnecessary items in your home office. Clutter will distract you from your work at hand.home information-home office


What I mean by style is to make your home office space fun. Make it your own. If you are really into a certain item that have fun an decorate with it. A fun space will help keep you focused on your work and increase you imagination and creativity. Of course if you are having clients over, it still needs to look some what professional.  More and more corporate offices are allowing for people to personalize their space because it makes the employees happier. This is what I am talking about. Make it a fun place to be. You do not want to regret having to sit down and work in a sterile, boring home office space. Have some music if you can work with it playing. Try keeping all of the furniture in the same style if possible, it looks less cluttered and more professional. Glass desks work well to keep the style clean, open feeling.

Having a great home office is not a hard task, just a little bit of pre-planning of how the space will be used and buying only what you really need for a functional space.

By: Tom Corliss

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