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Planning to renovate your bathroom? Before you undertake such a complex endeavor, you should carefully set your expectations and needs. One of the best ideas for redecoration of your bathroom is the greenovation.

Today, when real consequences of global warming have shown up, many people have developed eco-consciousness. However, living in accordance with nature’s laws doesn’t mean just thinking green. It’s much more than that. If you want to contribute to our planet and try to save it, you need to act green. Your bathroom renovation could be a perfect starting point. Here are several amazing ideas for a flawless eco-friendly bathroom.

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Wooden floors
Have you ever considered installing wooden floors instead of tiles? Although this looks like a mission impossible to you, you should definitely consider this idea. While tiles are always cold, wooden flooring will make the entire bathroom warmer and more hospitable. However, if you decide to undertake this venture, you need to ask for professional help. Firstly, you mustn’t pick some endangered types of trees. Also, wooden floors need to be specially prepared for special conditions in your bathroom, such as humidity.

Replace light bulbs
Light bulbs use a lot of energy and raise your bills constantly. Nowadays, many people have decided to replace regular bulbs with LEDLED Bulb for the bathroom ones for numerous reasons. Firstly, they provide the room with strong and intensive light, thus make it easier for you to pay attention to details. In this case, they would be extremely practical while cleaning the bathroom.
Also, LED bulbs use eighty percent less energy than a classical light bulb. Therefore, they will help you cut your bills a lot.

Motion sensor faucets
When renovating your bathroom, you need to make it as practical as possible. One of numerous amazing devises that will help you cut your bills is a motion sensor faucet. As you probably noticed, while brushing teeth or washing hands, we spend large amounts of water. It is quite impractical to switch the water on and off constantly, isn’t it? If you hate this too, motion sensor faucets will do it instead of you.

Every time your hands get close to it, a faucet will turn on and as you move your hands, it will turn off. Once you install it, you will be amazed.

Low-flow toilet
Did you know that a toilet uses the largest amounts of water when compared to other appliances? low flow toilet bathroomBelieve it or not, toilets use more water than a shower or a dishwasher. Therefore, they are one of the key factors influencing your high bills. One of the possible solutions to this problem is replacing your old toilet with the smart or low-flow one.

While new homes already have in-build low-flow toilets, it is not the case with older homes. The main reason why you should install them in your bathroom is because they use less water. The newest models use smaller amounts of water, yet have a sufficiently strong flush.

If you cannot afford installing a completely new low-flow toilet, you should consider adding a dual flusher, which entails two buttons that should be pressed according to the type of waste.

Low-flow shower head
Another great idea is installing a low-flow shower head as well. low flow shower headThis multifunctional device has numerous benefits. Firstly, it cuts the amounts of water used while showering. Secondly, it reduces the electric energy used for heating the water. It is highly recommended that you choose a shower head with in-built filters that will purify the water before it reaches your skin. That is how numerous impurities and chemical substances such as chlorine will be removed.
Low-flow shower heads are really affordable and, more importantly, they are quite simple to install.

Time limiters
If you want to act green, you need to think about the amounts of water you use while showering. If you love those relaxing long showers, you won’t be satisfied with the following idea. One of the most practical ways to save both natural resources and money is to install time limiters. It might be hard for you at the very beginning, but you will get used to it over time.

According to numerous experienced Sydney-based bathroom renovation experts, time limiters are one of the most practical long-run investments. The usage principle of this device is quite simple. Once you reach the time limit, the water will turn off.

Amazing, isn’t it?
Designing your eco-friendly bathroom is quite complex procedure entailing numerous inevitable steps. However, once you finish it, you will be amazed with the results. When your new bills arrive, you will definitely see the difference. And, most importantly, you will help in preserving your environment. Therefore, an eco-friendly bathroom should be considered as a permanent investment.

By: Diana Smith

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