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An even, properly cut lawn is a thing of pride for anybody who loves landscaping. While having a lawn may sound as simple as just letting grass grow everywhere, the truth is a lot different. A nice clean and compact lawn requires some early work in order to lay a good foundation. Once you do create it, the maintenance and the whole process of removing any minor issues will become really simple.

Long Forgotten
One of the most common issues with ordinary lawn that were not laid down by experts is that they are often too compacted. This means that the lawn has been left on its own for way too long and plants on it simply start growing all over the place suffocating each other. Weeding is the keyword here and that before anything else.lawn care

You will have to aerate your lawn. Making sure that your plants have enough air is important not just because it brings ventilation and allows plants to grow properly but it also prevents too much moisture from accumulating. If your plants have too much rot and moisture around them, various parasites can appear and ruin your grass. The process of aerating your lawn is surprisingly simple. You just have to create a lot of holes in your lawn and let the air do the rest. You can do this with simple things like aerator sandals, aeration machines or simple sharp sticks.

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Loosen Hard Soil
Heavily compacted soil will stop your plants from growing evenly in on your lawn and you will notice many problems like diseases or lawn spots with little to no grass. It is especially important to loosen the soil and especially if you often walk on your lawn or it is in heavy use.

Soil Quality
Needless to say, soil as such is extremely important for any plant and will directly affect the quality of your lawn. If you have had your lawn for a very long time and you start spotting various issues like lack of grass or weeds growing up and suppressing ordinary grass, the lack of resources may be a problem.

Fertilizing your grass is the best way to heal your grass and allow it to get all the minerals and resources that it needs to flourish. lawn careYou can do this by buying artificial fertilizer or simply by using ordinary homemade compost. Important thing to know when working with artificial fertilizer is that it can significantly change the lawn soil quality. Don’t overdo it. Ordinary compost won’t really have the same affect but with artificial fertilizer you can change important parameters of soil like PHP value, which can make the ground inhospitable for your plants.

Keep the Lawn Clean Too much dead plants and rotting plants can block air flow and flow of water which will in turn leave will create dead patches on your grass. Removing dead grass and similar leftover is a simple and great ways to avoid this and prevent various problems.

Watering your lawn is also extremely important. Everything from the amount of water that you place on your grass to the time of the day at which you water it can significantly affect your lawn health.lawn watering Things like time and amount of water can be easily dealt with if you get automatic watering system, which can easily take care of all this for you. Watering your lawn in the morning is the best thing that you can do. If you miss that time window, doing it in the afternoon when temperature drops a bit is also fine as well. Cold nights and hot noon are to be avoided.

Trimming and Maintenance
If your grass is finally growing properly as it should after all these steps, then you should also make sure that you cut it properly. Cutting too close to the roots can damage the plant and expose it to temperature variations which can be dangerous. Staying above two to two and a half inches will keep your grass healthy. Make sure that you are trimming the lawn properly.

All these simple steps will allow you to improve your grass and keep it healthy. This way you will have a beautiful lawn that any landscape enthusiast will admire and one that you can be proud of. Of course, some of the success depends on the climate and other conditions that you cannot influence, but you certainly influence their effects.

By: Diana Smith

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