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Home office design tips for a fluid work space for functionality

Even though working at home means additionalHome office comfort and lower stress levels, mind you that this can decrease your productivity. A working home office that is too casual can affect getting the job done, so you should balance the surroundings – add a bit of personal knickknacks to your home office, like a picture of your family, but restrain yourself from things like video games and the like if you want to work effectively and without breaks which can last three hours or so.

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Here are some tips for a better organization of your home office.

1. The space
You will have to have in mind the purpose of your home office, for example when redesigning the guest room – especially if you plan to meet clients in it. This means having enough space for a desk, a chair, and a love-seat with a pillow or two, so that you can take a short break after hours spent in front of the computer screen. If, on the other hand, you plan to use some other underutilized corner of your house, it would be best if it has a lot of lighting and is away from distractions and noise-free. Make sure to keep all the work inside that room, because this way you will not risk losing or destroying important documents, etc.

2. The time
Working hours should be respected both in a company office and in your home office as well. This way, your life and the working day will be better organized, so you will know when is the time for dinner and your family, and you will rarely lose track of the time if you install an alarm clock to make you join your family at 5 o’clock.

3. Invest in functionality
The desk, the chair and storage shelves shouldHome office always be organized in such a manner so that you have everything at reach. This means using magazine shelves, or desktop organizers for most important to-dos, installing a book/folder shelf for contracts etc. Organize your mail in a decorative basket, and reserve one drawer for sticky notes, pins, notepads, stapler, and other office supplies and do not overcrowd it so that you can always reach easily what you need at that moment. Let your desk and the chair be your pedestal, make them comfortable and do not be afraid to invest into them, because it will only pay off when you finish your workday relaxed and with no pain in the back. Home office organization is a must for both your sanity and continued stress free functionality.

4. Taming of the tech
Whatever you do to beautify your home office can be ruined with a look at untamed computer and other cords. Install a grommet in your desk and make sure that you can always reach computer, printer or fax machine cords easily, if there is a need to unplug them quickly. Use cord tubing exhaustively and winders to organize them on the floor, to avoid accidents and other mishaps. Organize your space so that you can easily exit in case of emergency, and make a rescue plan by consulting local industrial builders and hang it on the wall so that your visitors are familiarized with it. Safety comes first!

5. The lighting
Having enough light will  be beneficial to you and your work as well in your home office.Home office Position your desk with the computer opposite of the window, in order to prevent screen glare. Install a small desk lamp which comes as very useful during winter, when there is not so much daylight. Having a window near your desk will make you peak once in a while and rest your eyes more often. Put a plant or two in a corner so that you ensure having enough oxygen that will spark up your little grey cells when you most need them. To maximize the effect, paint the walls in bright colors which inspire you, such as green or orange, instead of dull grey or beige.

The purpose of your home office space does not mean that it does not need style and elegance – be it a simple room for paying bills or a space for running your family business. If you make it comfortable and practical at the same time, you will raise your effectiveness level to the maximum.

By: Diana Smith

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