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Pet friendly homes can be filled with love

While it is nice to have a pet around your house, it is also important that you Sharing Your Home With Pets – Making Your Home Pet Friendlymake your home pet friendly, otherwise you will have a lot of cleaning up to do; and you pets will be uncomfortable which could lead to complications.

However, it can be a challenge to create a pet friendly and clean home, but not impossible. You will have to make sure that you get material which is suitable for pets to be around, and which will not get stained quickly. Moreover, you have to pet proof your home by making sure that you install certain features that will help you out.

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Be careful with flooring
Whether you have floor boards, or if you have carpets, the biggest issue with owning a pet will be that your pet will unintentionally scrape the surfaces, Sharing Your Home With Pets – Making Your Home Pet Friendlyor even shred the carpeting. You must be careful with dogs moving around your home, as their nails need trimming so that your flooring can stay intact. But, if it is possible, try to choose a flooring type that is resilient and stain-proof so that you will not have to clean up too much afterwards.

The safety of your furniture
Owning a pet means that you will have to say bye to certain types of furniture Sharing Your Home With Pets – Making Your Home Pet Friendlyas it will soon become their favorite chew toy, or a means to sharpening their claws. However, if you want to avoid buying furniture that was specifically designed to coexist with pets, then go for the ones made from Crypton. It is a synthetic fabric that is quite resilient, as it is extremely strong, it will virtually anything your pet can throw at it; and still look good in the end.

Wall finishes
Although pets are generally not attracted to walls, it is possible that they will jump and smear dirt all over it; Sharing Your Home With Pets – Making Your Home Pet Friendlywhich is why it is important to apply coats of paint that makes it easy to wipe off dirt. Just be careful to go for non-toxic materials, because your pets might get in contact with it, and it might poison them. Look for finishes that are resilient too, because when your pets will be jumping around, they might inevitably scratch the surface of the wall.

Pet health
Being in the same home with your pets means that they will need to be cleaned properly, and taken care of as well. Their health should be a primary issue, and as soon as you notice that something is out of the ordinary, you should report it to your vet immediately. On the other hand, you need to make sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis so that they do not get attacked by all kinds of parasites and fleas which could even pass over to humans.Sharing Your Home With Pets – Making Your Home Pet Friendly
Another big issue with pets is that they will often shed their fur, and you need to stay attentive in order to notice if anything goes wrong, so that you can help them out. If necessary, your local vet my prescribe different sorts of medication to help your pet stay healthy, whether it is vitamins or necessary worming tablets, it is important to make sure that your pet is getting its regularly.

One step ahead
In order to avoid any messy scenes in your home, you need to make sure that your pet is well house-trained and house-broken so that they will know when and how they can come in. It is also important to discipline them properly so that they can learn how to act when they come and go from the house. Pay attention to your pet’s needs to help each other out.

A shared home
It is not impossible to live with your pet without too much mess and destruction, but it will require some patience and good discipline from both sides. However, once you teach your pet to behave, you will see that mutual coexisting is possible and that your home can be safe and clean. After all, your pets are part of the family, so they need to be taught how to respect the laid down rules so that they do not destroy anything around the home.

By: Diana Smith

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