6 Steps To Making Even The Smallest Place Look Big And Spacious


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You are probably already familiar with basic tricks and ‘optical illusions’ which should help make your space look bigger, for example placing large mirrors on the walls. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t always work, since besides reflecting space, mirrors also reflect all the items you have in the room, thus making it seem even more cluttered than it really is. People tend to get a bit carried away when they collect things, so they eventually find themselves surrounded by many things and in desperate need of more space. What can you do to make your place more spacious?6 Steps To Making Even The Smallest Place Look Big And Spacious

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Spacious Step One – Cleaning
Now, as frivolous as this may seem, getting rid of some of your things will be incredibly helpful in your ‘war for space’. It often happens that we don’t even notice just how many things there are in our rooms which we don’t actually need. So pick up a few boxes and put all the things you don’t use (or use rarely) inside, and then move them to your attic or basement. Eventually, you might end up giving them away to someone in need, instead of keeping them. Good deeds are always welcome. This is the first step to get a spacious feeling in a room.

Spacious Step Two – Organizing
Once you move away things which were blocking you, you will get more space to work with. Now it’s time to make a plan and see how to use your resources in the best possible way. Adding shelves is always a good idea, why should there only be photos on your walls? Add floor-to-ceiling shelves (you can even get innovative and use some old plastic folding chairs as shelves), and you will get more space for your things without having to bring too much furniture in a room.

Spacious Step Three – Secret Hiding Places
In case you haven’t noticed, there is a lot of space under your bed often left unused, so you might want to take advantage of that and use it as a small storage. Place old suitcases, blankets, books, old clothes… pretty much anything you are not going to be using soon, in there. There are also hidden shelves you can make behind paintings or mirrors to store all your jewellery away. Use the space behind your bathroom door to hang organizers in which you can put towels, hair dryer, toilet paper, etc.6 Steps To Making Even The Smallest Place Look Big And Spacious

Spacious Step Four – Adding Hooks and Baskets to Your Closet
Closets are places designed to keep your things in the first place, so why not increase their potential by adding hooks and baskets? It might surprise you how much you will be using them once you decide to give it a go. Hooks are there for you to hang those clothes which you have worn but which are neither dirty nor you want to put them back in the closet. Baskets are even more useful if you don’t have a dresser, just put in there all those things you don’t know where else to put. Also, by adding small hooks near the bottom, you will get more space for your flats, slippers and flip-flops.

Spacious Step Five – Light
If your only sources of light are your windows and overhead fixtures, you are in need of more light. Not to have light pooled in one spot we recommend you add more light sources in each room. This way, room will be warmed up and you will have the impression of larger space. Ceiling fan Sydney is always a good choice and it can be excellent light source for your room.6 Steps To Making Even The Smallest Place Look Big And Spacious

Spacious Step Six – Storage Furniture
Furniture can have more than just one purpose. If you choose carefully, you can have more space for your things and nice pieces in your rooms as well. Entry bench with storage space are perfect to keep all those things you usually forget when you leave your home, like tote bags for shopping or umbrellas. A tiered coffee table will give you more space for your books and magazines with that useful shelf it has underneath the tabletop.

Obviously, some of these ideas are easy to put into action, while the others require a certain amount of patience and preparation. Do not be discouraged, it is not difficult to de-clutter your home once you set your mind on it. Make a plan, call a few friends who can help you and voila – you get a beautiful, spacious home.

By: Diana Smith

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