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Take home security seriously to keep your family safe

When it comes to home security, it is obvious that you want it to be on the highest level possible. Sleeping tight at night and keeping your family safe is certainly the imperative when it comes to living in a big house. Below is a list of tips on how to increase your home security.

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Security Tip #1: Get a dog
The first line of defence is to get a dog. And not a small one, like a poodle or a Chihuahua – even though they may look angry and hysterical, they Tips on Increasing Your Home Securityare not as tough after they are done barking – so, get a big dog, like a German shepherd or a Bernadine. And make sure to post a warning sign on the gate, so that everybody knows that it will not be easy to access the house. However, if you have small children in your neighbourhood, make sure to tell them that the dog is dangerous, because research has shown that an average burglar will be your male neighbour, so it would be best if you avoided making friends with their children, so that they cannot serve as a distraction for the dog and that they do not consider them friendly.

Security Tip #2: Keys and locks
It is of utmost importance that you do not leave your spare keys in easily Tips on Increasing Your Home Securitydetectable locations, such as under your welcome mat, or under a flowerpot near the entrance. If you have lost keys, change all locks as a precaution measure, because you never know where they ended up. If living in a house, make sure that you always keep your door and windows and balconies locked during the night, especially if you are going on a party. On average, burglaries happen in the period from 10 pm until 3 am, so this is the time of day (night) that you must be cautious.

Security Tip #3: Get an alarm system
If you are planning to go on a holiday for a longer period, then getting an alarmTips on Increasing Your Home Security system which is connected with a police station is the best solution for you because it will detect anyone who enters the house uninvited. Home security alarm system implies putting sensors on entry points which will detect movement and alarm you if anyone enters the facilities after you have locked them. Installing surveillance cameras is also a possibility which you can consider especially if it is hard for you to see distant buildings, such as garage, pool house, or a barn which are found on your property. If there is an intruder who breaks through into the secured zone, an alarm will break off and police will be there in a few minutes.

Security Tip #4: Report suspicious activities
If you happen to see a suspicious looking car that is driving around your neighbourhood for days, or if you notice a moving van and you know your neighbours are not actually moving or are on holidays, be a good neighbour and report these activities to the police so that they can check what is really going on.

Security Tip #5: Get a safe
Especially if you have a home office or have inherited some expensive jewellery, the best option are data safes, in which you can store and lock all your confidential documents, cheque books, family values, financial records, etc.

Security Tip #6: Leave the TV on
When going out, leave lamps and TV or radio on, so that they make noise and that potential burglars think there is someone in the house and give up. You can also invest in buying light timers which will turn on the lights automatically when the night comes. And always pull up curtains and drapes in ground floor rooms, especially in those in which you keep your valuables. You should also install security lighting in your yard to make it harder for the thief to break in.

And finally, maybe the smartest thing you can do is to start thinking like a thief. We are not suggesting you becoming one, but if you walked outside of your house and started thinking like a thief your would notice a number of possibilities and weak spots that any thief can use to break into your house. Research has shown that if a burglar cannot access your house in 60 seconds, the odds are that they will give up. So it is on you to think up of a way, or ways, to stop them in their conquest.

By: Diana Smith

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