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Yes, cleaning a house is one of those every day things that need to be done if youclean-house want to call your house a home. Or it is something that you do for others. In any case, it takes a lot of time to have it done properly and any possibility of reducing it is worth checking out. So, we did some research on possible solutions and tried them in practice to see how effective they were. Here is what we can suggest to do your house cleaning the quicker way than usual, of course, without skipping any of the work that needs to be done.

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A lot of us makes a mistake when cleaning organization is concerned. clean-houseWe go room by room, instead of task by task. We get stuck in single rooms, often forgetting tasks along the way or end up skipping them since we are running out of time. If you want to clean your house as quick as possible, that is the first thing you will have to change. If you do not apply any other advice we prepared for you, you will still clean the house faster just by applying this cleaning approach. Furthermore, the majority of us tend to dedicate one day a week solely to cleaning, usually Saturday or Sunday. clean-houseThat is also a wrong approach if you want to save time. Letting things accumulate for a week makes your cleaning harder and longer to complete. Doing a task a day is always a better way of cleaning. And finally, procrastinating. As hard as it seems overcome it with all the things apart from cleaning that we have to do every day, you simply have to if you wish to make things faster and easier. For example, always wash the dishes after each meal; wash your laundry whenever you have enough for one round of washing and drying; make your beds on a daily base, iron whenever you can or combine it while watching TV, it will be easier.

Where to Start and Where to End

If you live in a multi level house,clean-house always start from the top floor and work your way downstairs. The starting point should be the room where you keep your cleaning accessories and change levels only when you are completely finished with a single task, remember, we are using task by task method. Your ending point is your main entrance, or the garage, if you have the time and the strength for it too.

Task by Task

This is the schedule you should follow:

• First, strip all the linen that needs to be washed of your beds and out of your closets, put them in a washing machine and start the cycle. You will do all other tasks until it finishes.
• Second, dust from top to bottom of every room, and always in that direction, to make sure you removed all the dust that can be removed this way.
• Clean all work surfaces in kitchen, living room and bathroom.
• Wipe all the furniture
• Clean the mirrors and all the windows that require cleaning
• Clean the kitchen appliances, if required
• Wipe clean all the doorknobs
• Mop the floors
• Vacuum all the rooms
• If the washing machine finished by this time, take the cloths out and hang them to dry, if you do not have a dryer.

Additional Tips

Consider steam cleaning as an option. That is a very useful, time and health preserving way of cleaning. Plus, it makes the process easier. A university study tested a steam vapor system in restrooms and reported labor savings and hygienic improvements over traditionally used methods of cleaning. Steam cleaners are very efficient in removing even the slightest particles of dust, with all the microbes living in it, all this without the use of chemicals.clean-house

This manner of cleaning will soon become a routine and you will be over even faster. Do not forget to create an atmosphere while cleaning, it is also very helpful and boosting. Play your favorite music throughout the process and do not forget to reward you with a nice cup of coffee, or beloved beverage upon finishing. You deserved it.

By: Diana Smith

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