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Learn these tips for decorating a small room with great decortaing

As a student or a young adult at a start-up job, you struggle with the same problem: limited living space. In the beginning there is not much you can afford, as you need to work hard and find your place in the world of business so that one day you can get yourself a bigger space. Until then you need to satisfy with a tiny rented flat, but do not fall into despair, as even the smallest place can be transformed into a functional space with a little bit of imagination. Here we have a couple of ideas for you how to be creative and decorate your tiny room and make it visually larger.small-room-decoratin-home-ideas

Go Bright
The color of your walls plays a major role in creating the illusion of having a bigger room. That is why it is important to paint them in light tones – white, pastel or any other neutral color, because they reflect light, as oppose to the dark ones that absorb it. The ceiling also needs to be light, and so do the floors, which means that you should avoid having dark hardwood flooring in a small room. You also need to think carefully when you install lighting. Small rooms usually have small windows that do not let enough light in, so you will definitely need an extra set of bulbs. Dimmed light will make you fell like you are in a basement, and that is why you need different types of lighting fixtures all over the place – chandeliers, table lams, wall lamps as well as floor lamps.

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Mirror Mirror
In a small room, you can never have too many, and then to the question “who is the biggest of them all” one might be tricked by the optical illusion that is created and say “this room”. The secret is that by adding mirrors you can make the room seem larger than it actually is, because the mirror does not only reflect images but light too. By putting two mirrors on opposite walls, you can give depth to the room. Another thing you can do is chose a glass coffee table over a wooden or metal one, because it will look like it takes up less space than it actually does.small-room-decoratin-home-ideas

No matter how much you like decorating and shopping for furniture, if you are living in a smaller home, you need to avoid putting too much things in it. It will look crowded and it will prevent you from moving freely around the house. So when you go out to get yourself some furniture, do not go for a large couch, but rather pick more individual pieces. So instead of having one big sofa, put several armchairs, and put them closer to the wall so that you could have the center of the room free to walk around. Also use many little coffee tables close to every chair rather than one big that will steal all the space in the middle of the room. If you think that you are going to lack sitting space, you can compensate it by adding designer rugs, because they are really cozy and comfortable and people love sitting on them. It might seem silly, but for a casual party people just want to relax and loosen up a bit, and they will love sitting on the floor.small-room-decoratin-home-ideas Do not buy cabinets and build shelves on your walls, but only if you really have to, because in a limited space or a small room  it is better not to have too many accessories. They will clutter the room, and trust me, when the cleaning time comes, it can be a real pain in the neck to take them all off to dust and then arrange them all over again. If you like art and paintings, we do not say that you should give up on it completely, but you should reduce the number of the frames on the walls. Having too many pictures can make you feel claustrophobic and seem like the walls are closing up on you. That is why you should chose only one bigger art piece and stick to it.

Finally, the most important thing is to keep the place tidy, and if you move something always remember to put everything in its place. This way you are always ready for a company and gathering at your place, and people will praise your home for sure.

By: Diana Smith

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