Creating a Vintage-Inspired Living Room


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Vintage-Inspired Living Room Decorating Ideas

Modern trends of interior design usually recommend low and flat lines, minimalistic design and big spaces full of air. These are very interesting and very trendy, but there is also the type of people who don’t really go for that sort of design in their home and they like the vintage charm in their living room. This is possible to achieve with a little bit of imagination and creativity if you try and figure out how to bring that vintage chic into your living room. These are just some of the ways that you can do it and some of the ideas that you can use.Home Decorating & furnishings-home information

Art and Crafts
This is where you should really shine if you want to get that vintage living room style right. Everything about your living room should be handmade and it should be done well. Tablecloths should be crochet as well as some other details around the house. The curtains need some lace on them, at least as the bordering and have a nice satin ribbon to tie them up if you are letting the sun in. Cabinet doors, chairs backrests, plant pots and other details would really be a nice touch if they had a nice decoupage detail about them. It is almost necessary that you have a couple of nice pot plants in your window. Textiles used in the furniture are also important. Lace bordered cushions or seats of the chairs with flounces will give just the right touch. Also, pick some interesting forks and knives as well as the coffee cups to make the whole thing is more interesting and more in the vintage living room style.Home Decorating & furnishings

If you are planning on replacing your living room furniture with something that is more vintage-like, then the garage sales and the auctions are the place to be. Don’t look at that living room furniture in the state it is at the moment. Look at it as the potential for a great vintage piece. All you need to worry about is how to find a table and vintage style chairs that are wooden and the wood is still healthy. Once you get them home, you will treat them with sandpaper, fix the broken pieces, treat the wood with all the needed chemicals and then pick the color and the finish. Lovely white and beige in combination with the blue and pink details are absolute hit for a vintage living room style.

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The least you can do is to have dimmer on your lights. Intimate atmosphere can be achieved by the candles and you need at least one detail in your room that has candles in it. Choosing the lamps and crafty chandeliers are the perfect way to give a nice flavor to your evenings. These can also be found on some garage sales and auctions. Not to mention the amazing antique shops that are full of details that can make your living room look like a vintage heaven. Just think about the effect of one simple shelf full of porcelain figurines. It would be absolutely amazing, especially if you make a nice crochet cloth for those figurines to stand on. Nice old books, letter writing table with all the necessary gear on it are just some of the things that you can put in your living room to make it look wonderful.Home Decorating & furnishings

Rugs and Floors
All this will go into vain if you have a linoleum floor or some modern day tiles. If you want to make your living room vintage style, you need to put some wood on the floor. Laminate can work too if it is well chosen and it resembles the real wood, but if you are not sure about your floors and you cannot invest into new ones at the moment, you can always cover them up with some amazing designer rugs. Rugs should always go well with the rest of the room and to achieve a really cozy and warm feeling, you can go with those thick and soft ones. There is an amazing range of rugs today and they enhance the welcoming feeling of your room.
A vintage inspired living room is nothing without the black and white photos. It is even better and more fun if you are framing the old family photos and displaying them, hopefully, on a mantelpiece.

By: Diana Smith

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  1. You’re right that vintage rugs can also be designer rugs. Most people don’t put those two together into the same category.
    Even Shaggy rugs, being used in the 60’s are still classified as ‘Modern’ these days as they have more of a modern twist now.

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