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Simple tips for door and window repair

If you know some repairing tricks for the stuff that you have in your house, then honestly, life can become a lot easy. This is true in the cause of doors and windows. You can’t always call a locksmith to fix small issues in the house.

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It’s better if you know some simple repairing tips for the stuff that you use on daily basis. It will be best for the security of all.

Window Repairing Tips

Here are some repairing tips for windows:

Windows are not only the source of ventilation, but they are also a source for the thieves to enter into the house. If the window gets stuck then it does not mean that you are free to leave it that way. Windows of a house should work properly.door-window-repair

Un-sticking the window

You need a putty knife with a wide blade to free the window from the frame. If you are unable to exert pressure well, you can use a hammer to make the knife go deep within. There are chances that the paint might have sealed the window. You can do this at both sides to make the window open.  If that does not work, then you can use a pry bar for opening the window. Once the window has been successfully opened, all you need to do is to clean all the paint and lubricate it so that the same problem does not occur.

Repairing a rotten window

Another common problem with windows is that they get rotten. Instead of repairing, it is best to get replace the frame. However, if the chisel has been rotted only then you are free to use the wood. You will just have to use epoxy for making the rust come off. After applying the epoxy, leave it for drying. Next day, sand it up, and then paint it to seal the wood.

Door repairing tips

Here are some common repairing tips that can help you in fixing your home as well as garden doors:

When you are removing the hinge pin of the door and the pin isn’t budging, then all you have to do is to take a nail and press it against the bottom of the hinge and use a hammer to tap it upwards against the nail.Door-Replacement

When you are lifting the door off the hinges, in order to get a better control, it is best to remove the bottom pin first. Likewise, when you are going to replace the door on the hinges, go with inserting the top pin first.

If the entrance door of your house keeps on sticking, then maybe because of humidity the wood might have swollen up. The wood that’s old can get weary with time and it swells up.  Hence, the door keeps on sticking and you will be unable to open it wide. If your door is quite old, it’s time to get it replaced then.

Before going for any kind of repair, it’s recommended to understand the problem first. Otherwise, you can make things worse and even hurt yourself.

By: Jason Friedman

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