Top Five Tools Needed for Lawn Care


diy tools, equipment, & supplies-home information guruThere are many things that you need to have in your arsenal to make sure that your lawn care can be completed in a timely and organized fashion. Simply going out there with a shovel isn’t going to help you with your lawn care. Because there are many different regions and therefore many different things that have to be done for various lawns, there are five main and general things that you need in order to keep your lawn healthy.

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Lawn Mower

The first and most important thing that you are going to need to do your lawn care is going to be a way to cut your grass. lawn1No matter how much of a lawn you have, or how big it is, or what shape it is, you need to be able to cut the grass often. This means that even if you only have a small amount of grass, you are going to need a lawn mower. There are many different types of lawn mowers, and you can pick the one that is right for you. If you don’t have much of a lawn to mow you can buy a mower that you push. However, there are also riding lawn mowers that are becoming less and less expensive that you can buy in order to have the lawn of your dreams. You can also choose to have a bag on your lawn mower, or to pick up the grass that you cut by hand.


The next things that you need for lawn care, whether or not you have a mower with a bag, are rakes in order to clean up the lawn. You will need several types of these, but for the mean time a simple rake that you can use for grass, leaves, and debris is going to be best. You want to be sure that the rake you use is strong enough to get up all of the things that you no longer want to have in your yard, but is gentle enough to make sure that you are able to continue to use it without hurting the lawn underneath.

Watering System

Another important aspect of your lawn care is going to be how you water it. If you have a very small lawn, you might be fine with just a hose. lawn care at homeHowever, for larger lawns you are going to need a sprinkler system to make sure that you can keep it watered. Remember that as you water your lawn you are going to have to make sure that you are able to keep up with the rules and regulations regarding watering practices and what you should and should not be doing.

Trash Bin

Next, you are going to want to be sure that you have someplace on your property to take care of the garbage that is part of lawn care. This means that you have to be sure you are able to take care of things like leaves and sticks, but also trash that comes into your yard that you want to throw away. These are all important factors when it comes to your lawn care, so you want to be sure that you have an appropriate place to take care of it.

A Good Shovel

If you live in an area where it snows, you already know the importance of snow removal items. You are going to want to have a whole array of these things if you live in an area that sees a lot of snow. However, even if you don’t live in an area that snows, you are going to have to have a shovel. A good shovel is an important part of lawn care. You can use it to dig holes, to get rid of things that are on your lawn that you don’t want, and for a whole variety of reasons. You should always be sure that you have one at your disposal.

Lawn care can be a big and daunting task for most home owners, or even for people that are just renting. However, you want to be sure that you are able to have the five most important pieces of lawn care materials at your disposal. If you can be sure that you have these things, you will see that your lawn care is much easier than you think it is, and you will be able to do much more for your lawn than you ever thought you’d be able to do. Taking care of your lawn is something that takes practice and patience, but it can be much easier if you take the time to make sure you have the correct lawn care tools before you start. It can be much easier that way.

By: Craig Elliot

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