Five Steps You Need to Follow to Build a Shed


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Building a storage shed, contrary to what some people think, is not an overwhelming endeavor. If you are armed with the right tools and the right information, you can easily construct a tastefully built and functional shed that will accommodate all your storage needs . If you are thinking about how to build a shed this article will help you get started on the right foot.

Step One – Determining Your Storage Needs

You’ll first need to determine how you plan to use your shed. Are you planning to keep your garden tools and supplies in the shed or maybe as a place to keep firewood? Perhaps you want to have a workshop and a place to keep all your tools. You may possibly want a place where you can store your recreational equipment such as an RV or boat. When you’ve figured out how much space you’re going to need you’ll have a good idea of what kind of shed you want and how big it should be.

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Step Two – Getting Into the Specifics

When you’ve determined your space requirement in Step 1 you can begin thinking about the design and overall appearance of your shed.home information-build a shed-home improvement ideas You’ll want to proceed slowly and review the many possible designs and construction materials before you make your final decision. Are you considering a shed made of wood or maybe a plastic or metal one. These are some of your first decisions if you’re thinking about how to build a shed. One of the main features contributing to your shed’s appearance will be the shed roof design such as a gable roof, gable roof, saltbox roof, or a lean-to roof or possibly a hip roof configuration. Next you’ll have to decide on your shed foundation which can be a timber frame foundation, dirt floor foundation, or a concrete slab.

Step Three – Getting a Building Permit

Zoning laws in many parts of the country require storage sheds to be constructed a small distance away from adjacent property lines, fences, and buildings . The distance may vary from six inches to three feet, depending on the locale. So, you should be aware of the zoning requirements in your area. This is yet another step in learning how to build a shed of your choice..

In many instances if your shed size is 12’x12′ or smaller you won’t need a permit however, anything bigger will require the proper documentation. So make sure you contact your local building inspector before finalizing your shed plans. Also, consult your local utility to find out the place where the electrical, gas, and water lines run through your property and build your shed a few feet away from the area.

Step Four – Get a Shed Plan

A shed plan not only shows you how to build a shed, but also tells you what kind of materials you can use and what type of tools you need. Starting with the foundation and then to the installation of the doors and windows your plans should lay out everything in clear detail. If you have a good plan, you will never get stuck and never wonder what you need to do next.

You can find a huge variety of plans online. You can check out the pros and cons of each design and select the one that best fits your needs.

Step Five – Get All the Required Materials and Tools

Once you have a comprehensive plan that tells you how to build a shed, you should gather all the materials and tools you need for the project beforehand. When you’ve done this, you will have everything you need to get started with the project – the right tools, the right materials, and the right instructions.home information-build a shed-home improvement ideas

Building a shed, like most other projects, is simply a series of planned steps that you need to follow to arrive at the final result. Before you start looking at plans you’ll need to know the floor area of your shed and then you’ll be able to determine the type of foundation and roof design. This article lays out the step by step procedure for planning and constructing a shed.

By: Brad Erickson

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  1. At present, a lot of do-it-yourself enthusiasts and homeowners prefer wooden sheds
    instead of plastic or metal sheds. If you get stuck at some
    point during construction, you can always ask your friends or neighbors for help
    and in the worse case, hire a professional to help you.
    A garden shed can be built using the basic carpentry skills and pursuing that garden shed plans.

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