Will New Windows Increase Home Value?


windows, doors, & trim work-home informationOne of the best upgrades you could make to your home does not involve getting new appliances or repainting. New windows on your home can increase the value. Though this upgrade has an initial cost, the end results in money savings, rebates, energy efficiency and enhanced beauty for your home will make this a worthwhile project.new windows

Energy Savings
If you have never replaced the windows on your home, you could be paying more on your energy bills than you should. Energy-efficient windows let light inside your home while blocking heat and cold from outside. Your energy bills could be drastically reduced by opting for double or triple pane windows because you will not pay to have your heated or cooled air inside your home leak to the outside. Here are some tips from the Department of Energy to make your windows more energy efficient

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Certain energy-efficient windows may net you a rebate or tax credit. Some of the most efficient windows have a low-E coating, which stands for low-emittance. This coating on windows blocks a portion of solar radiation and heat from entering your home. Look for the Energy Star logo for qualifying windows. These windows are the most efficient available, and if you choose these, you will save money on your taxes while saving on your heating and cooling bills.

Return on Investment
Many homeowners look at the return on investment of any home improvements they make, especially if they plan to sell their home in the near future. New windows could raise the selling price of a home, which will return to the homeowners’ part of the investment they made in buying new windows. If you are looking for making small improvements to your home that can boost the final sale price, consider installing new windows on your home. Here is more information on the cost of replacing windows.

Creating a Barrier
The reason we build houses is to shelter ourselves from the outside elements, but if you have old windows, air, bugs, dust and pollutants from outside could be seeping into your home. Even homes just a decade old could have serious decay of their window frames, which is largely due to the cheaper lumber used by modern builders. Many homes built before the 1970s have longer-lasting window frames because those houses were constructed from denser, old-growth wood that lasts longer. If your window frames are letting the outside into your home, it’s time to replace your windows. Your home’s interior will be more comfortable when you do so.

new windows

Replacing the windows in your home can help you to save money on your energy bills, and you may qualify for tax credits or rebates if you purchase energy-efficient windows for your home. Your home’s value will increase, and your rooms will be much more comfortable with new windows. With so many benefits to new windows, there’s no reason to put off this project any longer.

Timothy Smith is a home improvement and green living enthusiast.

By: Timothy Smith

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