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These Water Heater Tips Can Save You Money Starting Today!

Hot water heater systems are deemed one of the most important devices you need to install in your home.

Without it, ordinary activities like taking a bath, doing the dishes and washing your clothes can become challenging. After all, who wants to use ice-cold water while going about your basic activities like taking a bath or washing the dishes, right? Taking its importance into account, it does not come as a surprise if gas hot water heater systems comprise as much as 14 – 25 percent of many household’s overall energy consumption.

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Effectively reduce your water heater energy consumption by keeping in mind the following practical tips.

1. Reduce the tank’s thermostat
Many experts advise you to lower the thermostat’s temperature to 120 degrees. This way, you can reduce energy consumption by as much as 3 to 5 percent and at the same time prevent scalding.appliances & home energy

2. Insulate exposed water pipes
With proper insulation, water tends to become 2 to 4 degrees warmer the moment it reaches the tap. Well-insulated hot water pipes are deemed more efficient in the reducing energy consumption.

3. Use less hot water
To help cut down electrical expenses, use less of it. The next time you enter the bathroom, try to take shorter showers. You may also install low-flow shower heads and tap aerators. Doing so will help lessen both your electrical and water bills.

4. Keep it sediment-free
Water heater Tanks accumulate sediment overtime. Such build up tend to affect the efficiency of the unit. To keep it up and running, drain it regularly. Do this by turning off the unit and setting its burner to “pilot”. Open the drain valve located in the bottom of the tank and drain at least one or two gallons of water.

5. Insulate hot water tank
Insufficient insulation of water heater tanks causes heat loss. Even if you aren’t using your water heater, it’s still storing hot water. By simply placing a jacket or blanket around it, you can cut down up to nine percent of your overall water expenses.appliances and home energy

Older water heater tanks don’t usually come with effective tank insulation. Newer ones on the other hand, provide more efficient insulation. Determine whether or not your unit needs an insulating blanket by touching it. If it’s warm, it means it isn’t well insulated. To remedy this, cover the tank with a blanket or jacket with an R-5 to R-10 rating. In addition, make sure not to cover significant safety markings and manufacturer details when installing the blanket.

Follow one, two or all of these helpful tips and you’re likely to notice a huge difference in your next electrical bill.

By: Ed Fairway

Watch this video for more energy saving tips for your water heater:

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