Benefits Of Using Cedar Wood For Construction Of Fences


retaining walls, fences, & irrigation systems-home informationSo, you decide to build a fence but are not sure on what material to use. Although there are a lot of kinds of wood you can use to construct fences, cedar fences provide additional benefits that other types of timber lack. Fences made of cedar may have higher initial costs than other wooden fences, but they definitely last longer even in extreme weather conditions, have an elegant and rustic appeal and gives of an enchanting fragrance.custom cut cedar fence boards

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Cedar fences provide a natural and attractive barrier around your home. You can choose between Western red cedar and Northern white cedar. Other types of wood fences are pine, spruce, merbau and redwood. In addition, when fencing, you can either use heartwood or sapwood. The heartwood is located from deep inside a tree and is usually the better choice. On the other hand, sapwood is wood that is closer to the tree’s surface.

Northern White Cedar

White cedar is among the most Eco-friendly and budget-friendly material for building fences. It is a kind of softwood that has a lot of natural oils which protect fences against moisture, mold, rot, warping, and insects without requiring any chemical treatment. Unlike other types of wood, it doesn’t require kiln drying and it is easy to air-dry, making this material completely carbon neutral. Since, there are no other treatments required to build cedar fences, your fence will be 100% biodegradable.

White cedar also decays very slowly. This is why it can last for up to 15-30 years or more. Lower woo d quality fences normally last 7-15 years before you rip them out and replace with new ones. This means that white cedar fencing is a very cost effective fencing option. Although the initial investment is usually higher, you will need to consider the lifespan of the material and when you will need to invest on fences all over again.

Western Red Cedar

Red cedar fences are widely used for its rich grain and lovely colours. These characteristics make them a popular choice for building applications both indoor and outdoor and where beauty is an essential factor. It is also well known for its great dimensional stability and endurance. Red cedar lays flat, remains straight and less likely to crack, twist or warp than other timber products. This particular attribute of cedar is important in areas with heavy rainfall and snow. Extreme weather conditions and time can’t easily cause red cedar to wary or rot the way they affect various types of wood.cedar wood fence

Furthermore, this type of wood is lightweight and very resilient, making it easy to work on, cut, shape and position. Like the northern white cedar, red cedar fences also possess a very distinctive aroma. They remain subtly aromatic over time. This lovely fragrance emanating from cedar fences adds another dimension to the appeal of cedar as a great fence building material. This awesome sensory benefit also enhances an already pleasant landscape. And because it is non-toxic, it poses no threat to animals, plants or even to an underground water supply.

By: Johnathon Black

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Benefits Of Using Cedar Wood For Construction Of Fences — 4 Comments

  1. Cedar wood does seem like a great fencing material. Western Red Cedar sounds nice, because it has great coloring and is durable too. When we put a fence around our backyard, we definitely want something good looking and strong.

  2. It was awesome to read that red cedar fences are widely used for its rich grain and lovely colors. My dogs are causing havoc when they escape from my house. Last week one of them got into my neighbor’s house and destroyed their living room. I will be sure to contact an expert who knows more about this type of fence!

  3. You stated that cedar fences provide a natural and attractive barrier around your home. DO most contractors prefer to use this material for their fences? My wife has decided that our yard needs a fence and we are trying to decide what kind of materials to use for it. Hiring a professional contractor to help us might be a good idea.

    • Yes, Cedar fencing is the preferred type of wood for fences in Michigan were I live. With proper care a good quality cedar fence will provide you with 30 years of use.

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