How to Make Your Own Fire Pit


outdoor kitchens, living spaces, & fireplaces-home informationHaving a fire pit in your backyard is perfect for familyfire pit for backyards bonding; you can gather around the fire pit and share tales, cook some wieners or marshmallows, or tell chilling tales during the nighttime. For romantics, a date by the fire pit is perfect to heat up your relationship, don’t take it literally though.

Building a fire pit is thrilling and easy, you can in reality set one up in a day or even less if you’re already acquainted with the procedure. You can even make it look picturesque by applying some fire pit landscaping techniques during the process.

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How to Take Care of Your New Barbequebuild your own fire pit

Here is a procedural guide on building your very own fire pit. But 1st, here are the things you will need:

– Sand
– Pea gravel
– Cinder-blocks or bricks
– Shovel
– Pick axe
– Tamper
– Rake
– Level

Step 1: Pick out your placement. If you’re building the fire pit in your backyard make certain that it’s at least 10ft away from any other part of the home; meaning it is 10 feet away from the garage, 10 feet away from the fence… you understand what I mean. And watch out for overhanging branches that might catch fire. So it should be in a wide open space.

Step 2: Dig a 12-inch deep round hole in the ground, generally 4 to 5 feet in diameter. How large the fire pit is depends on your taste but I do not imagine you’d want to build something larger than 5 feet.

Tip: To make the hole a near perfect circle, drive a stick to the base where you will build the fire pit, tie a 2 1/2-foot string to the stick and rotate round it marking the ground with spray paint or something that will guide you where to dig.

Step 3: Fill the hole with 4 inches of Pea gravel, 4 inches of sand, and tamp the layers level using your tamper tool. The pea gravel behaves as drainage for the fire pit.

Step 4: Lay in the 1st level of bricks. The 1st level should be level and even all the way thus you require the level to aid you with this.

Step 5: Set the subsequent bricks and make certain to overlap the bricks on each level. Put some openings in between several of the stones to allow oxygen into the fire pit. In general, 3 to 5 layers of bricks is perfect.

Step 6: Wait until dark and light up your fire pit.

That is how easy making a fire pit is, some people can even build one in as little as 2 hours. custom fire pitAnd again, if the fire pit is going to be a part of your home, you can decorate it by applying fire pit landscaping techniques that will make it more attractive. You can set up some plants around it, build a waterfall beside it, or create a path walk around it. Your resourcefulness is the limit.

If you need assistance in building and making your fire pit stunning, you can always confer with experts and have it built for you. You will spend some money but you can be certain that they know what they’re doing and they’re up to speed with new fire pit landscaping techniques.

By: Max Jasper

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