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Follow these tips for a quick kitchen update to create a spacious feel and flow

In many urban city apartments, having a small kitchen is a common feature. This therefore leaves city dwellers with little to do than try and save as much storage space as they can. Even with a spacious kitchen, most of us find our space cluttered with appliances hence limiting our usable spaces.1

If anything can be said about the this area is that, it is one of the most frequented areas in a home. With such movements taking place in this area, chances are that it will be turned into an offloading area that is not only cluttered with appliances but also items that are not kitchen like.

My space is not the most spacious. When I first moved in, I had too many  appliances such that I had a hard time trying to put everything in place. It took me a while to get my room to where I wanted it to be. It was not a cake walk, but it was worth the time I put into it. I had to customize everything and purchase a few appliances to help me save some storage space. At the end of the day, everything fell into place and I’m now a proud owner of spacious and fully functioning room.

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What are some of the tips for saving up some space in your kitchen?    

You might be wondering how exactly I managed to pull this off.  This piece will try to highlight some of the valuable tips of customizing your kitchen to create more space. Regardless of your room size, you can create some useful space that can actually make your working area more appealing and spacious.

Remove all clutter from your kitchen area

Too much clutter in your kitchen area can eat up plenty of your  space. Before you can even start to think about customizing your space, perhaps the noble thing for you to begin with is to de-clutter. 3

Come up with a detailed cleaning strategy for your room that can be adapted. To give you a head start, begin by throwing away foods that has expired or any canned food for that matter. Anything that has not been used for at least 12 months should be thrown away or donated. The same strategy can be adapted on broken goods.

More cabinets

Most of the urban city kitchens do have cabinets installed; this however does not mean that more cannot be installed to accommodate more of your appliances. Add as many cabinets as your kitchen can handle.

Make use of your kitchen walls      

Once your  cabinets are filled , you might want to work the walls. If your kitchen wall is used properly, it can help you save a great deal of space. You can customize your kitchen walls by installing hooks and shelves where you get to keep and hang some of your appliances. This will help you free up some space in your kitchen working area.

Avoid fitting knife blocks in your kitchen as they usually take up plenty of space. Instead, mount a knife rack on your kitchen wall. Such a rack will help you to keep your knifes within your reach while at the same time help you save up some space.

Customize with drawers

Junk drawers can be installed in your space and help you with some of your  storage solutions. The way you organize these drawers also matters when it comes to creating space. When installing these drawers ensure that they are properly divided with drawer dividers to separate the items.   2

When customizing your work space, do not forget to brighten up your area with under cabinet lighting, as a well-lit work space has a tendency of appearing not only cleaner but also spacious. There are so many lighting ideas that can help you make your kitchen appear spacious. All of them are available to be exploited.

Acquire a Pot Rack  

Regardless of where you are going to install it, pot racks will go a long way in helping you to ensure that you have plenty of working space. You can have your pot rack hanging from the ceiling or fixed on your wall.

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