Guide to Keeping Your Furniture Pristine


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If you take pride in your home or office, it goes without saying that you take extra special care of your furniture. They’re the aesthetic grounding of your home, which serve a vital function whilst giving your residence or workplace that little special something that makes it yours and yours alone.Guide to Keeping Your Furniture Pristine

However, there will often be times when you need to put furniture in self-storage. Perhaps you don’t currently have use for a particular item of furniture in your home, or perhaps you’re conducting renovation and need furniture out of harm’s way (so to speak) for the duration, or perhaps it’s particularly valuable and you don’t want to run the risk of leaving it unguarded whilst you are on holiday. Whatever the reason and whatever the season, self-storage unit hire makes a lot of sense. Storing furniture in a rented self-storage facility space is a truly excellent way of keeping your belongings safe, secure and immaculate for extended periods.

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Some might think that self-storage rental services are expensive, but this is simply not the case. Many self-storage facilities offer space at extremely low prices – and the beauty of self-storage is that many will offer different size storage spaces according to your needs. Not every storage facility rental services firm is the same, and it’s important to remember this. Some might offer storage units for hire that are heated or climate controlled, to cater for people with specific needs in this regard – others have advanced forms of security (including CCTV, 24 hour security and barbed wire topped fences etc.). It’s up to you to compare prices and storage terms and conditions, and find the company and package that suits you. You may also want to factor in location, too. Before hiring a space in any storage facility, you must visit the storage space first. Make sure you’re happy with the environs before signing anything!

To assist you with the van moving process, we have compiled this list of handy tips for keeping your furniture in great condition if and/or when you place them in a storage facility. As long as you prepare and pack your furniture properly, it’s a certainty that it will exit your hired storage place in the same condition it entered it in!Guide to Keeping Your Furniture Pristine

If you are placing mirrors in self-storage, mark them with an ‘X’ made from masking tape. This is the universal symbol for ‘fragile’, but many people forget to place one on the delicate items which need this! If you are placing office equipment in self-storage (and there are specific self-storage businesses which specialize in storing solutions for companies), such as computers or televisions, we recommend you store them in their original packaging.

However, if it’s too late and you threw out the box long ago, then you needn’t worry – you can purchase packing materials and packing boxes from removal companies and self-storage firms and some high street shops. Similarly, packing peanuts are a much undervalued and overlooked packing material for keeping the contents of boxes safe and protected. There are many websites where you can find packing peanuts for sale. Polish the metal furniture in your collection before you put it into storage. You can buy metal furniture polish from many self-storage companies, or even websites.Guide to Keeping Your Furniture Pristine

Polishing your metal furniture for storage is important because prolonged exposure to the neutral temperatures of self-storage facilities can lead to oxidation, and this can ruin your furniture. It’s a little extra cost on top of the self-storage hire fee, but it’s worth every penny!

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