5 Space-Saving Ideas For A Small Bedroom


bedrooms-home informationTips in saving more space in a small bedroom include not furnishing the room with more furniture pieces than you really require, small bedroomusing a bunk bed instead of ordinary beds, only adding practical decorations to the room, using furniture that has a storage unit, and putting all items where they belong.

Your bedroom is your exclusive sanctuary, a place that’s all yours where you can be comfortable and relaxed. The bedroom also becomes the default storage room for personal items that you do not want lying around in other parts of the house. However, some bedrooms accumulate clutter easier because of limited floor space. Fortunately, furniture such as a twin over full bunk bed can be used to maximize floor space. Follow these space-saving tips:

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Select furniture that you only require

Space can be easily overwhelmed by furniture. Too much furniture can also impede movement and traffic inside a small room, thus it is best to use them sparingly. Instead of focusing on the design, choose only the furniture that you really need, and look at the functionality of the furniture. Use a sofa bed or a futon instead of a large bed that will eat up space to furnish bedrooms that are not frequently used.

Use a bunk bed

A bunk bed is a great space-saver if you have a smaller bedroom. This type of furniture is effective in maximizing space. kids bedroomBunk beds are available in a wide variety of styles to meet the needs of everyone. Some of these beds also have built-in compartment and a desk like loft beds. Bunk beds which will hold as many as 4 sleepers are available too.

Do not decorate room with nonfunctional objects

In furnishing a small room, you have to prioritize function over aesthetics. Since space is limited, don’t clutter it up with decorative objects that serve no actual purpose. It is not advisable for small rooms to use headboards and footboards because they push the bed far from the wall, wasting some space that should have been used for other things. For an above-the-bed wall hanging, choose something that is flat and doesn’t take up a lot of space like a tapestry or quilt. Furthermore, ensure that you use less bulky doors for your bedroom and furniture.

Take advantage of furniture which offer storage spaces

There are several furniture and bedroom items which offer a storage unit as a secondary purpose. Go for nightstands or bedside tables that have drawers. bedroom storageYou can also choose beds that are equipped with storage compartments underneath. Valances are also available with extra pockets. These box-pleated valances can serve both a decorative and practical purpose by allowing you to insert different items from magazines to slippers to gadgets into the pockets.

Arrange your things to their respective places

Keeping everything in your bedroom in order goes a long way towards preventing a cluttered look. Make the effort to organize your things regularly. Don’t leave your clothes on the floor or stack books on your nightstand and elsewhere.

You can make the best of a tiny bedroom. How you use your available space is what matters.

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