5 Ideas to Give Your Kitchen a Fresh Look


kitchen & dinning-home information guruThe kitchen is the heart and soul of a home and often gives visitors to the home a first impression of what the occupants are like. Kitchen RemodelIt is also one of the first places potential buyers investigate when a house is for sale. Therefore choosing to remodel this room is not only to give you pleasure as your work in it, but is also a great way to add to the value of your home.

Remodeling this room can be a really expensive venture however; if you get creative you could actually give your kitchen a fresh look without going bankrupt. The first thing you need to do to achieve that would be to have a plan. How do you want this room to look? Once you’ve established that, you can then work on a budget from there. These remodeling ideas will help you in the planning stage.

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Home-Improvement-Idea-painting kitchenIdea #1. Change the Paint: sometimes, it can be as simple as changing the paint on your walls. This would make a huge difference if you have dark walls or plain white walls. You can easily brighten up your space by using a brighter paint color. It is easy to get carried away though so you need to be careful not to use colors that are either too bright or clash horribly with the rest of the house.


kitchen back splash tilesIdea #2. Re-tile the walls: Changing the tiles on your kitchen walls can also have the effect of changing the overall look of the room. You could decide to change all the tiles or just a few. If you have plain tiles, you could spice it up by adding a few decorated tiles at reasonable intervals.


kitchen tile flooringIdea #3. Change the Flooring: The flooring of your space has an overpowering effect on the general look of the area. Yet this is one aspect that’s often overlooked when planning a kitchen remodel. Changing the flooring to hardwood, stone or ceramic tiling or making use of laminate flooring can make a dramatic change to the overall look of your kitchen. With so many flooring options in the market, you do not have to be limited in choice.

small kitchen islandIdea #4. Adding an Island: Before you make the decision whether to add a  island or not, you need to consider the size of the space. A small work space or even a medium sized one might benefit negatively from the addition of an island. This can create space issues that would only detract from the beauty of the kitchen. Another consideration would be your budget because kitchen islands do not come cheap. However, if you do decide to add an island , you could have a really striking looking kitchen when you are done.

birch kitchen cabinetsIdea #5. The Cabinets: Cabinets are an important part of a kitchen. Therefore giving yours a face-lift or totally replacing them could make the space look modern and fresh. If you do not want to go to the trouble of replacing the cabinets, you could always reface them by giving the doors and fixtures a new look.

Kitchen remodeling does not have to be an expensive project. A reputable contractor would give you advice on remodeling ideas and help you cut costs.

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By: Samantha Frost

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