Simple Plumbing Solutions for the Do-it-Yourself Homeowner


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Homeowners become problematic of their plumbing systems due to clogs, breaks, and leaks without knowing that these major problems should have not occurred if they are only careful with their plumbing fixtures. The following article discusses some of the simple things that should be done to prevent the occurrence of plumbing problems.Simple Plumbing Solutions for the Do-it-Yourself Homeowner

The plumbing system is very essential in relevance to the functions it serves in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and sewage. Due to the pivotal role it performs, it is just appropriate to award the necessary maintenance it deserves.

When it comes to the bathroom drains, fallen hairs are the number one contributory elements for the occurrence of clogs. When taking a bath, it cannot be helped but for hair to fall on the floor while shampooing or while plain rinsing the hair. The fallen hair will then accumulate and eventually clog the drains especially when plenty of hair have accumulated and entered the internal portion of the drain. Thus, immediate removal of fallen hair is advised or you can install a small screen guard over your drain.

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Faucets are very prone to leaks especially when they have become loose. To spare your faucets from leaks and breaks and for you to save water, it is recommended to turn the faucet on and off with extreme care. When you have noticed small leaks, they should be immediately resolved.

Tissues, cigarette butts, and shampoo and soap wrappers take a long time before they are decomposed. Even if they are flushed into the toilet, they will still be deposited into your septic system and will stay there. This habit should definitely be avoided as your toilet and your septic system will become clogged when too much unwanted materials are deposited into the plumbing septic system. As a good practice, never ever throw and flush anything in the toilet.

Kitchen sinks are very prone to clogs considering the grease, oil, and food particles that can be deposited into them. Vegetable and fruit peelings, bones, and even rice particles can be deposited into the sink when eating utensils and wares are being cleaned and washed. The use of a small screen can also block these particles from being deposited into the sinks.

Along with these simple tasks, you should always make sure you have plumbing maintenance tools handy for more complex plumbing solutions that you can still do yourself. Mechanical snakes, plungers, as well as cleansers should always be in your inventory. They will help you resolve severe clogs. Just consider the purchase of cleansers with natural or organic properties to protect your plumbing fixtures form

In summary, some of the hard-to-resolve plumbing problems should have been prevented if only simple plumbing tasks that are inclined to cleanliness are performed with much diligence. These simple tasks would not only spare homeowners like you from time-consuming problems, or worse the need to replace some plumbing parts. Along with these simple plumbing care, you should also ask a professional plumber to conduct regular inspections of your plumbing system.

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