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Living frugally is much easier then most people think

Not only am I an entrepreneurliving frugally but I’m also a stay at home mom. For some reason you just can take the mom out of mompreneur. I love working at home for a lot of reasons, but it has not been all gravy.

My daughters who are now 9 still don’t understand the concept of leaving me alone when I’m on the phone or computer. And always, summer is approaching and we are wondering what they should do to keep their days busy.
A lot of my mom’s frugally ideas about living have been passed down from my mom and dad, who were the extreme parody of living without. My parents were not business owners and basically were unemployed most of the time. So they became very talented at living on pennies from social assistance. Something I do not agree with.

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My husband Robert is another master at living frugally. He is an accountant and financial representative and see’s peoples finances on a daily occurrence. One thing he has learned is that many people over extend themselves and get themselves into financial hot water.
Frugal Mom’s guide to the world is a mired of suggestions, but you must decide what you wish to put up with. We all have our ideas as to what we need and what we frugally

 Mom’s Frugally Idea #1
Buy only what you need and not what you want. Pretty simple, but a lot of us are enticed. Advertising companies know how to manipulate us with behavior, emotion, colors, and the list goes on. They seem to know what we want better than we do.

 Mom’s Frugally Idea #2
Pay off your credit card every month. If you feel that you are capable of doing this, than have a credit card that gets you miles for airline tickets. The interest rate is higher on these cards, so it behooves you to pay them off on time. Our family charges all items to the credit card so that we receive the points for airline tickets. Each year we claim several free tickets for our purchases (that we would have made anyways.)

 Mom’s Frugally Idea#3
Live below your means. My husband and I live in an old home, drive a basic car, and don’t live extravagant lives. My jeans have rips in them (it’s really in fashion) and my husband owns one pair of pants (besides his suits). Can we afford more? We sure can. But other things are important to us, saving money, private school, family vacations. We just don’t see the need to go out and buy more stuff. We are happy, and don’t need other people to tell us so. This is living frugally!

 Mom’s Frugally Idea #4
Watch out for nickel and dimming. What does this mean? Going to Starbucks for coffee. This concept totally amazes me. This business is so successful on a premise of coffee which has been around for centuries. Everyone can make coffee in their kitchen, and even BUY Starbucks at the grocery store. But people wish to spend more and go the store with the friendly person waiting to collect their money. Think about how much money you would save if you didn’t buy that latte every morning.

These frugally ideas are just a few to mention, the list could go on, and on. We all have way’s to save money and become more financially free. We are being manipulated by the media and corporations each day, they want us to buy their stuff. frugally

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By: Christine Groth

Here is a video to help you get started living frugally:

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