Suggestions for Backyard Birthday Parties for Kids


home holidays & entertaining-home information guruThe following suggestions will make kid’s backyard birthday parties very special. There are lots of birthday party themes that lend themselves to backyard parties.  Some of the best are a circus, a camp-out and a stargazing party. Furthermore, choose an age appropriate party theme for your guests to enjoy.

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Tips for a circus themed kid’s birthday party in the backyard start with great invitations.    Print out pictures of clowns and glue them to lightweight card stock.BdayPartyPic2  Write the party info on the back and be sure to tell parents that it will be a circus themed backyard party. Decorating for your backyard birthday party can be made easy by using items that are located in your backyard.  Use plenty of balloons and streamers in bright colors.  Set up card tables as game booths and a face painting station.  Get toy lions, tigers, elephants and giraffes and set them on the card tables as decorations.  Games, such as ring toss, corn hole and horse shows, along with a variety of party favors will keep the party going. Lawn bowling makes a great backyard party game and so do hula hoops and relay races.  As the guests arrive have someone help you at the face painting station and turn the kids into their choice of lions, tigers or clowns. In addition to the games and other activities, a variety of refreshments, such as hot-dogs, hamburgers and desserts will be a welcomed addition to your party.

Tips for a kid’s camp-out birthday party in the backyard start with deciding if you actually want to have a camp-out. A camping birthday party can be a lot of fun especially if your yard is large enough for the camping supplies and the children invited to the party are old enough to enjoy this activitiy. Set up a tent and have a grill set up for hot-dogs and hamburgers and if possible a fire pit ready for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. backyard birthday parties1 Let the kids hunt for insects or leaves and try to identify them and then gather everyone around for campfire stories.  If you tell ghost stories keep the ages of the kids in mind. This type of party is best on a warm summer night with a full moon for light. More often than not, this birthday party can become an overnight slumber party with the addition of tents and sleeping bags.

Invitations are the perfect way to invite guests to a stargazing backyard birthday party. Let parents know what you plan to do and ask if they want to bring small telescopes or field glasses for the kids to use. Make charts of the night sky and have field glasses, regular binoculars, and if possible a small telescope ready to go.  Set up card tables or if you have a picnic table, use that for the refreshments.  Have sandwiches or grill hot-dogs and hamburgers. Desserts, such as brightly decorated cupcakes will make the perfect addition to this celebration. Do a little research ahead of time and have the myths behind the names of the major constellations on hand to read to the kids.  Cover flashlights with red cellophane so they can be used to read without causing you and the kids to have to wait to get your night vision back each time.

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By: Gail Leino

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