Four Creative Recycled Furniture Ideas


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Fun Recycled Furniture Ideas

Who doesn’t like to save money? Well, a little effort and creativity in recycling old household items goes a long way in saving you a bundle of cash. Here are a few creative ideas for recycling old or waste items and making beautiful furniture pieces out of them.

Four Creative Recycled Furniture Ideas

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Make Use Of Wooden Pieces to Create Furniture:

Whether you have some pieces of driftwood or a tree trunks, you can very easily use them to make center and side tables for your home. All you have to do is to find an appropriate piece of wood, carve its surfaces to refine its shape and fix a glass top over it. You can use the glass top of whatever shape you like and whatever size you think would be appropriate according to the size of the wooden base. Moreover, you can also use the same wooden pieces as artifacts and add value to them by installing LED reflectors focused on them. In fact, decorating your living room with a couple of such tables, complementing them with similar artifacts and adding great lighting to the room with would give a very trendy look to the area.


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Make Use Of Old Cabinets to Create Furniture:

We all come across situations where we need to throw out the old or broken cabinets, the most common reason for which is the broken doors which result from frequent use of these cabinets. With a little effort, you can put the same old cabinets to use and make very useful yet trendy furniture pieces out of them. The broken doors of these cabinets make an excellent top for couches and the hidden storage space beneath them is a bonus! Just cushion them yourself or get the work done by some local furniture shop. Moreover, you can paint them to make them fit for your décor theme.


Make Use Of Old Wooden Pallets to Make Furniture:

Old wood pallets are a treasure for those who like to do DIY projects. There are virtually hundreds of ways in which you can use them to make home or garden furniture. Their easiest use however is for making wall racks and shelves. Cut them in whatever size you require, close their base from inside with another piece of wood and your wall rack is ready! Mount them indoors for placing your valuables, books, CDs etc. or outdoors for placing small plant pots on them. Either ways, with a little refinement and color coating, you can make them completely aligned with the décor theme of the area.


Make Use Of Leftover Tiles to Make Furniture:

Often, after construction or renovation of homes, we find leftover tiles of various designs and colors. But have you ever thought about making a coffee table with them? Well if not, here is what you need to do.  Take a piece of plywood and arrange the tiles over it in the style you like. Once you finalize the arrangement, mark the boundaries and crop the plywood to make it exactly as much long and wide, as you need. Now paste the tiles over the cropped plywood and allow the glue to settle and dry properly. Your table top is ready now and you need to look out for the legs of coffee table. Old wine racks fulfill the purpose very well; if they are not available, you can even use a pile of bricks wrapped into colorful packing paper.


By: Agnes Jimenez

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