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safety & security-home informationThousands of people every year get hurt working on their own homes. Stay safe as you complete your DIY projects.

What good is it to complete your DIY projects and end up injured so you can’t enjoy them? Or how about during work you are doing and something goes wrong and someone gets injured in the process. Learning safe working methods and protecting and others around you is a big part of safety in connection with your DIY projects. Before you jump into your pile of materials and open up your toolbox take a moment and make sure you are ready for the safety issues involved in completing your project. 

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First make sure you have and use these safety items:

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Gloves: Cuts, scraps, burns, and blisters may not be real serious but can easily be avoided by wearing proper fitting gloves that are designed for the type of project that your are working one. You would not remove hot items from the oven with out some type of hand protection, so don’t do DIY project with out gloves. #1 item to stay safe

Eye Protection: I have personally experienced eye injuries from being to lazy to wear safety glasses and paid the price. Wearing safety glasses must become a habit. You do not want to loose your site because of laziness. I can not stress enough how important eye protection is stay safe and protect your sight.

Hearing Protection: Many contractors after getting older end up with ringing in the ears and hearing lose because of not wearing hearing protection. This again is very easy to solve. Even just cutting the grass is above the recommended noise level that you should be around.

Proper Shoes/Boots: I see way to many people cutting the grass in flip flops. Nice way to possibly lose a toe of a foot. Put on a good solid pair of shoes or boots when doing work so you keep your feet in good shape for relaxing later.

Dust Mask/Respirator: Getting dust or debris in your lungs is not a minor issue. Lung problems, including cancers can show up later from exposure to all kinds of debris getting into your system. Don’t take chances. Just stay safe & wear the proper mask for the type of project that you are working on.

Knee Pads: I can testify that after years of doing work and not always wearing knee pads when I should have has increased my knee pain considerately. Just be safe and get an inexpensive pair and wear them.

Next, it is important to understand the job that you are working on.

home information-stay safe-home improvement ideas

Make sure to do a little research first so you will know ahead of time about any possible situations that may come up that could cause you harm if done incorrectly. Proper use of power tools, ladders, and an understanding of electrical safety is very important. Do not attempt projects that are way out of your scope of current knowledge.
Next, take some time to insure that the environment that you will be working in is safe. You need to be aware of lead paint & asbestos in products that you may be tampering with. The dust from these items is very toxic.
Make sure to read through all instruction before using any product.

Work safe, take the time to learn first, have a first aid kit, use the proper safety equipment, and make sure your work area is safe for both you and others around. Now after you complete your next project you will be able to enjoy it without the injuries that can come along with being a DIYer.

Buy using good safety practices and wearing proper safety equipment, you will stay safe as you complete your DIY projects.

By: Tom Corliss

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