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Dress up your walls with these 3 easy wall art projects

While many people choose to buy professionally made wall art, art is something that just about anyone can make. Wall art is a wonderful way to add a one of a kind focal point to any room, so it is a great decorating tool. There are many projects that are simple enough for just about anyone to do at home to decorate their own walls.wall art-home information

1. Build a Collage from Photos

Creating a photo collage for the wall of a bedroom or living room adds interest and a personal touch to the room. Just about everyone has favorite photos, and this is a great way to display them as wall art. There are several ways to put together a photo display. For example, a selection of photos can be framed individually and displayed in a grouping on the wall, or the same group of photos can be attached to a large piece of cardboard. Then a piece of ribbon can be laid over the juncture points to simulate a frame, and this display can be hung as its own piece of wall art adding interest and a personal touch to the room.

The best way to find the display that works best on the wall is to lay out the pictures on the floor and move them around until finding a combination and configuration that works for your wall art. Combine photos by activity, family members, vacations or just a bunch of favorites for a really interesting photo display.

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2. When Words are Art

While most people think that wall art has to be made up of pictures, there are ways to create wall art from words. For example, many folks have a favorite saying, sentiment or word, which can be displayed directly on the wall. To create a focal point for a room using words, use a stencil to paint the words directly onto the wall. Text stencils that are already made can be found at craft stores, or a homeowner may decide to make their own stencil for a personalized touch.

After adding the phrase or word to the wall, continue to decorate that portion of the room by adding accessories. Hang pictures, candle sconces, shelves or even a mirror to add interest to the rest of the wall’s space. By painting the phrase on the wall and adding accessories around it, the wall becomes a focal point of wall art in the room commanding the attention of anyone entering the space.

3. Create Something

Another choice when it comes to decorating walls with wall art is to simply make something. It can be a drawing or painting, a needlepoint canvas, a sculpture or a silkscreen design. Turn to a favorite hobby to create a work of art. Then, after creating something, simply display it in the room, either on the wall or on a tabletop: that is what homemade artwork is all about. Not only is the addition to the room beautiful, but it is one-of-a-kind; and it is sure to be a great conversation piece.

Alyssa Davis is a home style expert who writes regularly for Metal-Wall-Art.com and is especially knowledgeable on decorating with contemporary wall mirrors and ships metal wall decor.

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by Alyssa Davis

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