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Fresh new carpet has many benefits; from much better hygienically clean home to the wonderful feeling of softness on the feet. But before you can get the point of these great benefits first you need to ask yourself a few questions.carpet

Question #1: In what room will this carpet be laid? This is an important consideration when choosing carpet for the durability factor. When choosing for spaces that get a lot of traffic like entryways, hallways, & family spaces you should consider “Texture” style carpets. For rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, and low use spaces consider “twist” profile carpets. In rooms such as formal spaces, basements, & recreation spaces, it is advised to consider “Loop” and “Patter” style carpets.

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Question #2: Who many adults, children, and pets are using the space? In areas that will see a lot of use from pets or children you need to consider carpets that have a higher stain resistance. Carpets are constructed of one of these 5 different  fibers that all offer different qualities.

Nylon: which is the most popular carpet fiber is durable and recommended for high traffic areas.

Olefin: Is a stiffer, more “plasticy” feeling  fiber. It is normally the least expensive carpet and normally used in indoor/outdoor situations. This carpet is very stain resident and is not effected by UV rays.

Wool: Wool is the “Cadillac” of carpet fibers, which is made from natural materials. It has great durability and is very soft. This style is more recommended for low traffic areas that also need less stain resistance.

Polyester: This type of fiber is very stain resistant, generally soft, and has the largest selection of colorants available.

Triexta: Triexta is the newest style of fiber. This is the “Greenest” product, made in part from renewable corn sugars. These carpet fibers are extremely soft and very stain resistance.carpet

Question #3: What factors are you most interested about in your new carpet? Many different factors will affect the overall quality of the finished product. Besides the above carpet fiber choice you also need to consider these factors:

Face Weight: This is the weight in ounce, per square foot, of carpet fibers. The higher the count, the denser or thicker the carpet will be.

Twist: Twist refers to the number of times that each carpet fiber is twisted per linear inch. The higher the number the more resistant and durable a carpet will be.

Warranties: How long is the flooring expected to last for wear, stain and soil damage, texture retention, and color fading. Most warranties will range from 5 to 25 years.

Additional Information

Note: Carpet is manufactured in 2 different ways; the first way (BCF) Bulked Continuous Filament. This method uses a continuous strand of yarn to build the carpet sheet. This method allows the carpet to stay in place from the time it is installed. This type of carpet will not pill, shed or fuzz. Next, you have stapled yarn fiber carpet sheet. This method of manufacturing offers a very smooth uniform surface. This type of carpet may shed slightly when first installed. Both methods offer superior products.

Note: Padding is a big part of the whole installation process that many people do not give much thought to. It is important to purchase the best quality padding for your specific choice, location of installation, and personal comfort choice, that your budget will allow.

A few different types of padding choices are:

Rubber Padding: Rubber is mostly used in cold climates or when under-floor heating is installed.

Foam Padding:  Foam is a great option for areas that many have a higher level of moisture, like a basement.

Re-Bond Padding: This option is the most common pad style. This pad is made from recycled materials and comes in different thickness and density levels.

By carefully considering all of the different material options, styles, and your budget your will be able to find a great carpet that should beautify your room and wear nicely over time.

by: Tom Corliss

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