How to Improve the Organization of Your Kitchen


kitchen & dinning-home informationIf you work to organize your kitchen better, you will find that you can make your kitchen activities more efficient. Plus, the room will look a good deal neater and tidier.

First of all, we recommend that you throw out anything that you do not use regularly. Give those kitchen gadgets that you never use to your neighbor or your uncle or cousin. Give them away to a charitable organization. If you have not used that scoop for meatballs or the thing that makes melon balls, why keep it around. If you give away things you never use in your kitchen, you will be quite surprised to see how much space you have.

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If you do have a kitchen gadget that you use but there is something wrong with it, get another one! Why suffer with a skillet that forever burns your food or foods stick to it? Replace it with something that works for you.cabinet organization

It also is important to take note of which gadgets and utensils you use most often. Then you should determine where in the kitchen that you most often use them. When you figure out what you do not use very often, put it in the basement or in the rear of your cabinet. If you do not use that crock pot more than once per month, should it really be occupying premium cabinet space?

Every significant item in your kitchen really needs to earn its place. There has to be a reason it is there, or it is just wasting precious space. There is no use at all to have a pasta making machine in your cupboard if you last used it years ago.

Make Activity Centers in Your Kitchen

In addition to getting rid of seldom-used items, you should strive to make activity centers in your kitchen, and then you should place related items in that area. For example, in your pantry, you should think about your freezer as related to this space. You should have storage bags available here for placing items in the freezer. And you should always make sure that you throw things out of your pantry that you do not use very often. Old food should not be sitting here for years. Get rid of it after a few months.home and garden kitchen organization

Another activity center would be where you prepare food. In this area, you should keep the board for cutting things, cutting knives, cups and spoons for measuring and bowls for mixing.

In your cooking area, you want to have pans, pots, holders for the pots, cooking spoons, and spatulas. This is a good spot to have a large jar where you store commonly used utensils.

In the serving area of your kitchen, you will want to have your silverware, dishes, napkins, and various condiments, salt and pepper. In the cleaning area, make sure you have your drying rack, towels, soaps, scrubbers, brushes and so forth.

Get That Counter Clear!

It’s important to take a look at how many items you keep on the counter all the time. It is important for counter space to be cleaned on a regular basis. You should try to locate another storage area for things on your counter that you do not regularly use for preparing meals.home and garden-kitchen organization

One of the things you need to make sure you keep off your counter is all the mail and bills that comes into the home every day. You should find a space where you can sort all of the mail and paper that is generated daily in the home. You should have various bins and storage areas for sorting out all that paper and bills. Paper IS always going to find its way into your kitchen and you need to have a good way for processing it.

These tips should help to keep your kitchen more organized, so that your cooking and other activities there are less stressful.

Written by Lawrence Reaves show wants to help you get your kitchen right so you know where to put your toaster and still have room for your blender.

by: Lawerence Reaves

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