Causes Of Septic Tank Problems


home plumbing-home information guruA septic tank is like any other part of your home. It needs to be maintained properly for a long life

You know you have a potential septic system problem when there are foul odours coming from your drains, sinks and toilets. This can be serious.

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Your septic tank emptier arrives, advising you that your septic system is malfunctioning and odors coming from the bathroom could mean trouble. You advise him that you have had your septic tank emptied on a regular basis so there shouldn’t have been any problem.home improvement ideas-septic tank problems
He said that there were so many reasons that may have caused this:

1) Fats and grease.
Dumping fats and grease down your drains cause heavy clogging because these can’t easily be digested by the resident bacteria in the septic tank. Even if you use a sink food waste disposal unit, it doesn’t change the composition of the fats and grease that you throw in. The rotting grease can cause odors coming from your bathroom or floor drains.

2) Antibacterial household cleaners.
These products are very harmful to the resident bacteria in your septic system. They kill the anaerobic and aerobic bacteria that keep the system going. Without bacteria, the septic tank will stop and fail.

3) Water load increase.
Water load can greatly increase if there is a rain gutter that allows rain water to flow onto the area of the septic tank system and there is  an increase in the number of household members that would raise the water usage in the home. Your septic system can only accommodate a certain number of people. Make sure you make necessary adjustments like installing a dry well to help the septic tank system be more efficient.

4) Non-biodegradable items.
If you dump the non-biodegradable items into your drains, sinks, and toilets, then you are sentencing your septic tank system to death. These materials are not broken down or decomposed by the resident bacteria.They just enter the system and clog it. Eventually, your septic tank system will fail.home improvement ideas-septic tank problems

5) Not adhering to pumping schedule.
You should pump out your septic system regularly because this helps in eliminating the accumulated sludge in the tank so that it won’t disperse into the drain field and clog it. This is an essential part of septic system maintenance.

6) Trees/shrubs, construction, and vehicles over the system.
Woody plants like shrubs and big plants like trees have invasive roots that search and destroy the septic components for water and nutrients. Any vehicle or form of construction over the system in your garden will cause damage to the components such as the lateral lines. The damage will cause the system’s malfunction and inevitable failure.

7) Heavy rains.
Do not pump out your septic tank system during heavy rains because this will only allow the silt and sediments to enter into your system and clog it even further. Just wait for the rains to stop and then have your septic system pumped out.

The bathroom emitted septic tank smells – is a tell tale symptom of problems with your neglected septic tank system. It is a very important part of your property and with it, if working efficiently, the health of your family is secure.

When your septic expert leaves, he reminds you about the proper use of the system and that odors coming from bathroom can mean trouble. Don’t neglect your septic tank – septic system maintenance is essential all year round, so be pro-active.

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By: Sian Apjohn-Williams

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Causes Of Septic Tank Problems — 2 Comments

  1. As far as calling a cesspool service to pump your septic or cesspool tanks truly depends on the size and the amount of usage. I have seen a house go up to 10 years without the need for pumping.

    What is more effective is having a maintenance plan with your local company. a simple inspection will determine the need for pumping or for any repair\replacements that are nececessary.

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