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painting & wall coverings-home informationMagnet and chalk paint are a great trendy way to organize and decorate with fun and flair

There is nothing in interior decorating as room freshening and affordable as a new coat of paint. But with all the emphasis being placed on faux finishes you may have overlooked this one.

You may have seen and enjoyed all the variables on the market, but one you may have over looked is magnetic/chalk paint. It’s fantastically functional and simply, fun!

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Magnetic chalkboard paint will turn any wall into a huge fridge magnet for all those notes, coupons, art work etc. You can also use it as a chalk board for those to do lists, fun drawing surface, or space saving teaching aid.home improvement ideas-caulkboard paint-information guru

Here’s a few ideas to provide inspiration to get you started and to get an idea of how versatile this paint really is:

Use it in your kids room:

For the younger ones who may love to draw, you can create a space on the wall for them to express their imagination. Avoid the messy spills and stains of markers and paint on the floor.

Give them letter magnets for a fun way to strengthen their spelling skills with daily letter manipulating writing ideas. Create bed time chalk talks, leave surprise messages for them when they get back from school, list daily chores, etc.

Magnetic chalk paint is perfect for the home office:

Lose the bulky hole making cork boards and expand the story boarding potential with a full size wall of magnet business support. Post daily to do’s without the pins. Create priority lists that are easy to update and manipulate with magnets or a chalkboard eraser.

Give the refrigerator a break:

Painting on a small section of wall, on the pantry door or another kitchen space. Notes, to-do’s, the latest school projects, coupons can now be posted without cluttering up the fridge.

Hang photo’s:

Want to hang photo’s but don’t want to damage the wall? If you paint up to 3 coats you will be able to support framed art work and photo’s.

Design a special wall to mark those significant occasions like birthdays and holidays that can be changed as frequently as you desire.

Paint 2 or 3 walls in the teens room using metal chalk paint:

Protect your wall from all those posters. No more sticky tape, oily yellowed stains from poster tack or holes from the constant up and down of pictures. Easy to remove, for the college bound teen the posters remain undamaged from tacks and tears trying to remove them. No mess with even less fuss.

Paint it on a kid’s table:

Go green by limiting paper by creating work space directly on the table rather than over the table.

Apply it to the ceiling:

Love the stars? Use magnetic paint to star gaze and create your own constellations. Surprise your significant other with a morning message above the bed each day. Host a lot of parties? Paint the ceiling with a few coats to support magnets that can hold lights, and other party decorations.home improvement ideas-magnetic paint

Frankly, the only limit to how you can use this paint is your imagination!

All it takes to apply is the standard roller and brush method. There is no special wall preparation needed and any color can be mixed to contrast or accent your existing walls.

Though a combination product is being suggested here, if you don’t want the magnetic feature but just the chalk talking paint or vise versa – you can buy each product individually.

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For a current list of paint suppliers that carry magnetic/chalkboard paint and step-by-step application instructions visit: visit You will also find other frugal money saving interior design ideas, tips and professional secrets to help make your home frugally fabulous!

Chalk paint is fun and easy to use.

by: Sue Kippner


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