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basements-home informationStart your home organization in your basement with these tips

In many cases, the basement is best used as a spot for a storage. Even if you plan to remodel the basement in the near future, it is still possible for you to take advantage of what space you have available at the moment. Here are some tips on proper basement storage organization that will definitely come in handy.

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Start off with a bit of cleaning and clearing out
Scan trough all your possessions. Start from the smallest items, getting to the larger ones. During this stage of the Wrapping storage and organizing process, you will have to purge as much as possible. Using a discerning eye, evaluate what you use and need and what has not been used for quite some time now and have basically become redundant. Anything that is not needed is best to get rid of. Otherwise, it will just take up valuable storage space. Such items can be sold at a garage/yard sale or given to a friend or a charity.home improvement ideas-basement storage

Safety first
Box and bin storage requires sturdy shelving. A good idea would be to build yourself shelving with heavy frames using paint-able plywood and 2×4 studs. However, prior to building the storage shelves, do some measuring in order to ensure that whatever you are to be storing will fit. Also, don’t take the risk of putting heavy and large storage items above five feet high. Getting them down might result in a nasty injury.

Plan around your mechanicals
In order to keep your costs down, do your best to incorporate the storage areas around such locations, where the house’s mechanicals are situated: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc. This way, they will be not only hidden, but also easily accessible.home improvement ideas-basement storage

Getting organized
If you would like to keep your storage in order, organize them according to their type. For example, food provisions on one shelf, household appliances on another, cleaning storage products on a third one and so on and so forth. This will make finding a certain item a lot easier.

Evaluate your environment
Basements are usually cold and damp, so be careful what you are storing there and how you do it, unless you want to damage your personal belongings. If you believe that moisture might damage your storage items, put it in a plastic zip bag in order to keep it from getting damp.

Think outside the box
Try to think of clever alternatives, rather than sticking only to storage shelves. This is how you can make your interior a bit more varied. For example, utilizing a pegboard is a good idea. It could be used to hang not only sewing materials, but also various tools like hammers, pliers, wrenches, etc.

Use your ceiling too
In case of a flood, the storage items that are on the ground will be the first to ‘fall victim’ to the water invasion. In case there are such objects that would basically ‘perish’ during a flood, you can create a flange system, using simple framing material in order to make tracks on your ceiling. Package your things in airtight storage containers and hang them in the flange system so that you can use this space that will otherwise never be functional.home improvement ideas-basement storageBio:Ella Andrews is a writer and one of her greatest passion are home remodeling, house removals E1 and home decorating projects. She is presently focuses on writing the best possible way and is therefore searching for new sources of inspiration.

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