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It is time to get around to creating a headboard to accent the bed in our master bedroom.

We had already decided that we wanted a fabric headboard. We wanted to stay with a basic shape to match the shape of the short wall behind the bead. Also we may install trim around the headboard at a later time and with a standard shape this becomes easier.

Our next consideration was cost. Like all of our projects we want true luxury but we are doing so with dimes not dollars.

We have built a few fabric headboards in the past that turned out with varying degrees of success. This time we solved these problems of the past and we were able to build this headboard for a much lower cost. The total project cost $61 plus fasteners that we already had.

This is how we put this project together.

First we had saved a few 50% off coupons for Jo-Ann Fabrics store. Next we watched for a sale on all of their custom design fabrics. These are the more expensive fabrics that are on the rolls and usually cost $30 to $60 a yard. The fabric that we choose was a heavy silk fabric with embroiders flowers. We needed 3 yards for our project. A standard king size mattress is 80 inches across. This gave us 108 inches of fabric which is more then enough to rap around everything. By us waiting for the fabric to be on sale at 50% of plus using a 50% off coupon on top of that we were able to get the fabric for $31 instead of $120 original cost. Also we were able to get the batting we needed for only $8.

Next we needed to think about the foam backer. We had come across another article on Pintrest a while back were someone, sorry we don’t remember who, that used a 1” thick egg crate style bed topper for the foam backer.

This worked perfect for use because we already had one of these on our bed that was about 1 year old and no longer gave us any comfort. We want to later change to a 3” memory foam topper.

The next item that we needed was a backer board and a hanging method.

After our last couple of headboards that we assembled with either MDF of plywood we decided to use something different. For the shape and size that we wanted, we bought a plain 32 inch x 80 inch hollow core slab door. Home depot sells these for only $19. In comparison; a 4 x 8 sheet of ½ inch MDF is $34. The slab door works great for the size, the light weight, and also gives the headboard a thicker appearance.

Assembly of the Headboard

STEP #1: First step to assembling this headboard was to lay out the batting; as you can see in picture #1. We did all of this on our living room floor where we lots of room to work. Next, we folded the foam mattress pad in half with the ridged sides towards each other. We centered the foam pad over the batting.

home improvement ideas-headboard

Picture #1

Step #2:In picture #2 you can see that we now centered the door slab over the foam padding. In our case the foam padding was about 1 inch short on each of the long ends of the door. This did not matter in the finished product.

home improvement ideas-headboard

Picture #2

Step #3: Starting on the short sides, fold the batting over the back of the slab door and attach with ½ staples. You will find that stables work great in these hollow slab doors. Move to the other short side and gently tighten the batten and also attach it to the back of the door. Work around the door and do the same for both long sides. When you are finished it should look like picture #3.

home improvement ideas-headboard

Picture #3

As you can see in picture #4 the batting it self easy hold the foam pad in place, no is no need to attach the foam pad separately.

home improvement ideas-headboard

Picture #4

Step #4: Next you want to lay out your fabric, making sure that it is facing the correct direction and is straight as compared to the padded door slab. This was very important for the fabric that we choose because of the pattern of the design.

Step #5:Working in the same pattern as how you attached the batting and foam attach the fabric to the back side of the door slab. We like to double over the fabric slightly where we are going to apply stables for more strength. Do not worry so much about how neat the back of the headboard looks. You will never see it. Also make sure to carefully tighten the fabric as you attach it to each side, making sure to only pull the fabric just enough to keep it lined up straight. Picture #5 shows the back of the headboard after we attached the fabric.

home improvement ideas-headboard

Picture #5

In picture #6 you can see the finished headboard before we attached the cleat and hung it on the wall.

home improvement ideas-headboard

Picture #6

Step #6: Next, we decided to attach the headboard to the wall instead of to the bed frame. This is much easier for a king bed because of the size of the headboard. It is much easier to move the bed for cleaning and changing the sheets. We purchased a standard pine 1 x 4 x 6 and ran the board through our table saw at a 45 degree angle, dividing the board in half. This forms a cleat system. Diagram #1 below shows how this works.

home improvement ideas-headboard

Diagram #1

In picture #7 and #8 you can see how we attached one half of the cleat to the wall and the other half to the back of the headboard. These cleats slide into each other, hanging the headboard securely on the wall. With the bed pressed against the headboard, it does not allow for any movement.

home improvement ideas-headboard

Picture #7

home improvement ideas-headboard

Picture #8

In picture #9 and #10 you can see the finished headboard hanging on the wall.

home improvement ideas-headboard

Picture #9

Home Improvement Ideas-Headboard

Picture #10

We decided because of the pattern of this fabric not to add any tufting. (Also know as buttons). If you do decide to do so on your project then here is a link to a project that demonstrates a very easy method of how to do so.

Tufting a Headboard the Easy Way: by : Elisha Albretesen Posted on Pneumatic Addict Furniture website.

We were able to create this beautiful 100% silk headboard for a total of $60. We did already have the foam pad but if you do not they only cast around $20. We hope you enjoyed this project.

We will have one last article in the near future showing all of the small finishing touches of the Master Bedroom makeover with a recap of the whole project.

If you want to get caught up on our full Master Bedroom Remodel up to this point please visit this page and follow the links to the different projects that we have completed for 2013.

Here is the page: Our Home Projects

by: Tom Corliss

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