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Nowadays the Internet is full of articles that tell you how to do things – how to clean faster, how to clean better, how to clean just about any stain. However, what you will rarely read is the truth about house cleaning, which is that no two homes are alike. Therefore, no article can be completely useful unless you consider your personal requirements and what your home really needs. How much cleaning your home needs depends on a variety of factors – its size, its location, its design and how much furniture there is, whether you use air-conditioning, whether you have children and pets and many more.home information-house cleaningIt even depends on how much time you spend at home and which are the areas with high traffic that need more attention. All of these factors make your home completely unique. It’s hard to put into practice some of the best cleaning tips, because your home has its own requirements. In order to make your home a cleaner, healthier and better place for living and for guests, you need to prepare your personal checklist – a list of cleaning chores, distributed weekly, monthly and annually which will work best for your type of house or flat. Many people assume that they have to clean just because it’s the weekend and they haven’t touched anything during the work week.

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This is more or less true, but you need to understand that cleaning for the sake of it is not very wise. If you haven’t used the stove or the microwave the whole week, why clean them? A quick dusting of the furniture and the figurines and books in the living room can be done for 5 minutes after work. You don’t need a whole Saturday to put everything in order and spend all day cleaning. Forget about all the universal cleaning tips you’ve ever read and get your own cleaning tips – personally-tailored for your home.

One of the things you can do to improve your house is to get rid of the clutter and keep fewer small items on the shelves. All of these items attract dust like magnets and they take up most of your cleaning time. If you want a cleaner home, it has to be neat and tidy. Keep your belongings in drawers and cabinets, not all over the living room and the bedroom. A clean home is more comfortable, healthier and more functional, which makes it a cozy and welcoming area that you will be proud of.

Forget about postponing the cleaning chores and turn cleaning into a habit that you don’t despise. With a good cleaning schedule your home will look better on a daily basis. It’s best to clean on the go and some regular spot treating, instead of spending an entire weekend doing all that and the other household chores.Home Information-house cleaningInvest in some quality cleaning supplies and cleaning won’t be such a daunting task anymore. If you have the right cleaning solution for every appliance, surface, stained area and fabric, you will feel more confident to clean. There are so many homemade recipes for cleaning solutions that all you have to do is take out the natural ingredients from the kitchen cabinets and prepare a miracle cleaner.

Don’t copy someone else’s cleaning schedule, but create your own instead – based on your home, your family, your work schedule and the needs of your house. Remember that your house is unique and so should be its cleaning routine.

Bio: Cindy Davis is blogger, writer and housewife. She likes writing about home improvement and home maintenance topics, including household cleaning. Her present article includes helpful and useful tips on house cleaning.

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