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Are your windows so dirty that you can’t even tell if it is daytime or not? Cleaning windows are not on the top of most people “To Do” list and not a chore that many peole enjoy. That is a shame because clean windows can bring in more sunlight to your home and make your home generaly more attractive.

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Follow just these few steps and you’ll find out that cleaning your windows are no big deal!


What you need to know first of all in connection with cleaning windows is that you need to know the right technique. Stains of windows are not difficult to remove but you have to be very careful with the tools because glass is fragile and if you are not careful you may leave some very dis-satisfactory marks upon it. Then after you are sure that you are using safe tools you can think about getting the appropriate products for the job. This article will give you all the rest of the details on the perfect way to handle any filth and stains which can make your windows unpleasant to behold.home information-cleaning windows


Naturally the very first thing you need to take care of is to get your hands on the appropriate tools, mops, sponges and devices which will assist you in the process. You need to take a proper look at the specific stain. If it is something sticky and hard you will have to either use more harsh means or a more powerful cleaning product, neither of them is so recommendable, the first one because of the possible damage on the window and the second one because of the possible damage on your finances. Remember that you shouldn’t clean windows in the very middle of the day when the sun is shining and the sun rays are basically evaporating everything you are placing upon the windows. What you will get is a mess in this situation because the half-affected stains will partially stay and mix with the cleaning products that had evaporated too quickly to take effect. Clean your windows on a cool day with as little sunlight as possible. No sunlight day would be perfect.home information-cleaning windows


Remember that if there is some hard and resilient stain on the window you need to use means that are delicate and yet powerful. You need to remember that your best option is usually a razor blade or in most cases-many razor blades if you want for your work to be finished more quickly otherwise you will have to clean your razor blade every time you remove just a small patch of filth from the window. A razor blade acts just like with human skin-removes the unnecessary but if applied carefully enough preserves the surface intact. After you have removed all the filth you need to take care of the dis infestation of the glass and then you need to bring in your cleaning materials. There is usually no use using expensive ones if you have already manage to sweep off the filth through tools so just employ some efficient product with a sponge or a cloth and then wipe it thoroughly until it dries. Make sure no dust particles or any other filth particles of some sort fall on the sponge and the cloth or on the window itself while you are performing the cleaning. Make sure the air around the windows is clean when you are cleaning. When you are applying the certain cleaning substance upon the window make sure you do it in regular swipes as if you are cleaning dust from the surface of a set of furniture. The idea is basically the same-you just don’t remove dust in the case of windows, you remove germs. A final and proper tip would be to always clean your sponge. You don’t want filthy streaks on your windows after all the work is done.

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    • Thank you sooooooooooooo much for psntiog this! Seriously, I’m doing a happy dance :0) I have a few silver pieces that I’ve left in my drawer because like you I didn’t want to use a questionable cleaner. I’m so going to try this tomorrow. xo

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