How to Pick Paint Colors Like a Designer


painting & wall coverings-home informationPicking paint colors is easier then you think

Do you find yourself confused or mind boggled when standing in front of the thousands of paint colors at your local paint store? With so many choices where do you start?

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First we need to understand how different paint colors affect us. Color does play an important roll in your mood, creativity, and comfort. Bright colors and contrasting colors add excitement and stimulation while soft colors and neutrals add a calming effect.home information-paint colors-home improvement ideas

Lighting plays an important roll in color choose. A room with lots of natural light will show more of the true color of the paint compared to a room that uses mostly artificial lighting, paint colors will seem dimmer and darker in color.

If you are new to using paint colors outside of white or off white, then start slow.

Try stepping down 2 notches on a color chart. I almost always suggest to clients to go 1 or 2 steps future down on the paint chart then what they would normally pick. Most all stores now will sell you a small test bottle for the color you are thinking about. Paint an area on a wall with 3 or 4 different colors so that you can see what color works best for your mood, lighting, and other surrounding decorations.home information-paint colors-home improvement ideas

Paint is much cheaper then the other items in your space, therefore you should try to purchase your other decoration first and use a color from other items within the space. Pull the color from a comforter, curtains, furniture, or artwork. If you paint first, it is sometime hard to find decorations that fit your space well and look like they belong.

If you want to use  bold paint colors, but are afraid to go to dark, try painting 1 accent wall in a room in the darker color. This gives a true designer look and you can slowly get used to expanding your color exploration.

Don’t forget about the ceiling. Most people just paint the ceiling white. Adding color to the ceiling that is a few shades lighter then the wall color adds depth to the room. Lighter paint colors make rooms feel bigger and dark paint colors make a space feel cozier.

In the event that you are painting your home for the purpose of listing it for sale then it is important to stick with neutral colors. Do not paint to drastic just because you love bright or dark color. This does not mean you can only paint white or off white. Just stay in the lighter tones of colors that will appeal to the most people.

By: Michelle Corliss

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Watch this short video for more information about how to pick paint colors:

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