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Wall mirrors reflect natural light to brighten any room

Mirrors are great decorative items for just about anywhere in the home. Of course they are great for the bedroom and the bathroom for their use during the morning routine, but they can also add decorative flair. Use mirrors to combine form and function all over the home.

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Mirrors can transform the look of home improvement ideas-decorating with mirrorsa room in an instant, be creative and have fun with it. In addition to adding style and design, wall mirrors are great for creating the illusion of added space and light. When shopping, your personal taste and preferences should be the deciding factor for the type of wall mirror you finally buy. Mirrors are great for functional needs; Think about your style, do you want a simple mirror or an ornate mirror? Your wall mirrors should coordinate well with the other decorative elements in the room, but it’s not necessary for them to match exactly.home improvement ideas-decorating with mirrors

Some mirrors are more decorative than functional. These mirrors typically have more detailed framing or a very specific type of style, such as contemporary or antique. If you have a rustic-style home, you may want to install a wall mirror with a simple wood framing or if you are looking to emphasize three dimensional objects such as a vase or work of art, place the objects in front of a large wall mirror or transitional mirror like a cheval mirror.home improvement ideas-decorating with mirrors

To use your mirrors to add the illusion of more space or light, try positioning them so that they capture as much of the room as possible so they can reflect more space and light. A brighter room always feels more open and fresh. Small or narrow spaces will benefit most from this technique.home improvement ideas-decorating with mirrors

Quick Final Tips: Use small mirrors coupled with photos on a wall. This can be easily rearranged as often as you see fit. Decorative wall mirrors are available in small sizes with fun unique frames. Use them in groups and clusters anywhere in your home to add a quick designed touch. Place a decorative wall mirror by the entryway of your home so you can take a quick look before leaving each day.

Safety should always be the number one priority. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely and work with a partner, both will make the job go smoothly.

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