Painting Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets


kitchen & dinning-home informationAdd value to your home today with a revamped kitchen by painting your ugly kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are dull looking, have nicks and scratches from wear and are looking dingy then maybe a face-lift with paint and new hardware can add some more years. Replacing your cabinets might be a better long term deal but the cost of $5000 to $10,000 just for new cabinets not including installation, counter tops, sink, faucet and new hardware seems like a good option to save you a little time and a lot of money. home information-kitchen cabinets-home improvement ideas

Here I will go through the steps it takes to make your cabinets look fresh and new.

  • Paint and Supplies: You will need 1 gallon of good quality primer. I like to use Zinsser “Bulls-eye” Primer/Sealer, and for the top I use Behr Premium Plus Gloss 100% Enamel. This Behr paint does have primer in it also. You will still need to paint 1 coat of the Primer/Sealer to seal the Surface of the old cabinets. You will need 1 high quality 2” or 2 ½” angled paint brush. I use either Prudy or Wooster Pro grade brushes. These high quality brushes will make all the difference in the finish. Drop clothes and a wire brush to clean up the paint brush. 180 grit sandpaper, 240 grit sandpaper, TSP Cleaner, Tact clothes, clean rags, and bucket.

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    • Preparation is Key to Quality Results: First step in preparation is to set up an area where you can paint. A garage or basement will work well. Have a table surface to paint on will help you maintain a even paint job. Use lots of drop clothes. Remove all cabinet hardware. Make a small diagram of the cabinets and number each drawer and door on the picture. Now place a number wrote on a piece of painters tape on the back side of the corresponding door or drawer. Mix a bucket of hot water and some TSP cleaner. Was down surfaces of all of the cabinets to be painted. Make sure to remove all dirt and any oily areas. Paint will not adhere to surfaces that are oily. Next, using the 150 grit sandpaper, sand all surfaces. You are not trying to remove the old finish. You are attempting to remove any poly coating that may have been applied. If you come across any dings, dents, or holes in your cabinets, then you will need to fill these areas with high quality wood filler. Let the filler dry well and sand to a smooth finish. After all surfaces have been cleaned, sanded, and repaired you need to clean the surfaces with tacky cloth to remove any debris. Now you are ready to paint.
    • Priming: It is time to get painting. If you are using the recommended paint above you will only need to apply 1 coat of primer to all of the cabinets. Also if the cabinets were painted previously 1 coat of primer will suffice. If you are painting over wood finished that are dark it is best to apply 2 coats of primer. For the door panels, Paint 1 side at a time. Wait 1 to 2 hours between coats of primer. After the primer has completely dried, give the surface a very light sanding with the 240 grit sandpaper. Now wipe the surfaced down with tacky cloth.
    • Top Coat: Now that the priming is complete. You can start with the top coats. You will need to paint each of the cabinets with 2 coats, possibly 3 coats, Let each coat dry for at least 6 hours between coats. Using 240 grit sandpaper, very lightly sand between coats. After the last coat, you should let all of the newly painted surfaces dry for 1 to 2 days before re installed the drawers and doors. The longer the better. Water based paints can take up to 2 weeks to cure to a hard surface.
    • Reassembly: After the drying is complete, re install all of the doors and doors with new handles and hinges. New hardware will help the cabinets have a new appearance and a more modern look.

    home information-kitchen cabinets-home improvement ideas

    home information-kitchen cabinets-home improvement ideas
    By: Tom Corliss
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